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 VOL 8: Chapter 81 - "Heed His Instruction"

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VOL 8: Chapter 81 - "Heed His Instruction" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 81 - "Heed His Instruction"   VOL 8: Chapter 81 - "Heed His Instruction" I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2016 6:02 pm

A blinding white light erupted in the center of Emperor Morge's throne room causing all of the PTO soldiers in the room to shield their eyes with the exception of Emperor Morge, Lord Warork, and Lord Ender. Once the light began to dim, the soldiers opened their eyes and were surprised when they saw a grey, bubblegum-like figure laying on the floor in front of the balcony where Morge's throne was elevated.

"It appears your summoning was a success." Lord Ender's two voices spoke, he and Warork were still standing at the sides of Morge's throne as the evil emperor slowly stood up and walked forward. Emperor Morge's cape flapped behind him as he walked towards the edge of the balcony that overlooked the controls to the spaceship down below.

Reybuu started to twitch as if he were waking up, his tendril slowly whipped back and forth like an animal's tail as the monster slowly pushed himself up from the ground. The PTO soldiers working the ships controls stared at Reybuu in fear as they ducked behind panels and fell to the ground. Reybuu grit his teeth as he felt a spark of pain jolt through the back of his neck, just like Future Taisuka had. Lifting his head, Reybuu's pitch black and piercing red eyes peered up at Morge, who was staring down at him with his bright blue eyes. Lord Ender and Lord Warork walked forward to stand next to their emperor.

"Demon of Destruction, Reybuu!" Morge called out in his low voice, Reybuu began to growl as he clenched a fist. "It is a pleasure to be in your presence nearly two decades since we first met!" Morge raised his hands and extended them towards the demon as it got to it's feet.

Recognizing Morge's face, Reybuu leaped from the ground below the balcony at an immense speed, cracking the metal floor where he once stood. The PTO soldiers gasped and watched Reybuu lunging through the air towards their emperor, who slowly lowered his arms to his sides, Morge scowled at Reybuu who clenched a fist and reeled back, ready for a punch.

Reybuu made it up to the railing and thrust his fist towards Morge's face with incredible speed. Time seemed to slow down as Morge slightly tilted his head, allowing the demon's fist to glide past his cheek. The emperor ducked underneath the fist after dodging it and lunged forward with a speed even greater than Reybuu's. Morge swiftly lifted his fist and slammed it into Reybuu's bubblegum-like stomach, his fist sunk into the demon's stomach. Reybuu widened his eyes as he felt the fist make contact with his stomach but was even more surprised when he looked down and realized Morge's knee raising. With a clean knee to the jaw, Morge sent the demon spiraling up in the air only to fall back down onto the ground in front of the balcony with a loud 'THUD'.

"You dare attempt to attack me?" Morge questioned peering down at Reybuu, the demon lifted his hand and grabbed onto his jaw, he popped it back into place. "Maybe being sealed within this artifact seemed to have construed your actions in a negative manner!"

Morge reached inside of his armor and pulled out a golden locket with a black gem that was rapidly sparkling white, the one he had around his neck when confronting Shiver... and the same one that Future Taisuka had back on Planet Earth. It was the Locket of Nether, but how were there two of them?

Upon seeing the Locket of Nether, Reybuu's eyes widened, the golden gem on his forehead began to softly flash in sync with the gem on the locket. Warork lifted his head and stared at the locket in Morge's hands.

"Your highness, I believe something is off with the locket, it has an odd sparkle to it." Warork muttered, talking about the white sparkles rapidly sparkling.

"The magic gem in the locket must be reacting with Reybuu's magical body." Lord Ender chimed in.

"You are wrong, there is a second Locket of Nether located somewhere in this universe.. the Reybuu you are seeing right now is not the same Reybuu that was sealed away in this locket by Shishito.." Morge replied, shutting Warork and Ender down.

Upon hearing the name 'Shishito', Reybuu let out a massive roar of anger, sound waves erupted from his mouth and pushed the PTO soldiers across the ground. Emperor Morge, Lord Warork, and Lord Ender's capes began to flutter until the demon slowly went silent.

"You're saying this Reybuu is different from the one within the locket? How?" Warork questioned.

"Long ago, this demon was sealed away within the locket by a Saiyan named Shishito. But as you can see, the demon is standing in front of us." Morge replied. "Lord Ender, you remember what Reybuu is capable of doing with that golden gem within it's head?"

"He's capable of traveling through time using the power that gem possesses... It's rumored that he gained that power after coming into contact with a time travelling being known as The Watcher, who our Emperor knows fondly." Ender replied. Warork opened his mouth in shock as he looked down at Reybuu, who seemed to be listening to them chat.

"This Reybuu has come from the future, I summoned here using the present timeline locket. The gem within the locket must be acting different due to the future version of the locket existing in the same time period as the current one.." Morge continued, he peered down at Reybuu and raised the locket into the air. Reybuu lifted his head and stared at the locket's gem.

"Demon of Destruction, heed my instruction!" Morge shouted. "You recall the Saiyan known as Shishito, correct?"

Reybuu softly nodded his head.

"I fear the Son of Shishito is on Earth with the second locket. You will travel to Earth and slay him." Morge ordered. Reybuu softly floated in the air so he was face to face with Morge, the two scowled at each other. "You will obey and bring me the Locket of Nether, if you do, I will free your past self from it's containment.."

Reybuu grit his teeth, growled, and floated over Morge's head, he hovered over the throne behind the emperor and walked out the door.

"Did that demon just obey your command?" Warork questioned.

"It did, and it will return with the locket... and if that demon listened to my orders correctly, the Son of Shishito will be slain..." Morge replied, placing the locket around his neck.

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VOL 8: Chapter 81 - "Heed His Instruction"
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