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 Season 1: Episode 7- Kaj's past

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PostSubject: Season 1: Episode 7- Kaj's past   Season 1: Episode 7- Kaj's past I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2016 10:29 pm

Episode 7

[The scene opens on Pickollo watching Nitzu and Alex train with Alex learning to effectively dodge an enemy's attacks, dodging a few of Nitzu's kicks. Suddenly Pickollo turns around after sensing two sources of energy fly closer.]

"Guess Jaduko must've found Taisuka, final- wait...this other energy feels like the same from before, when I was training Alex"

Suddenly two beams of light fly past the Lookout, one Blue and and Red then land in the center. Pickollo then slowly turns to face them, as well as Nitzu and Alex.
   Pickollo first notices Jaduko, then the Blue figure clad in black, red, and yellow clothing.
   "We're back guys!" Jaduko shouted "And we've got company"
Kaj slowly turned to face the rest of the group, revealing his face and spikes.  The scene then fades to black

[the scene re-opens on Kaj facing the group, standing next to Jaduko]
Alex seemed taken aback by Kaj's appearance. "Mind telling them your name?" Jaduko asked Kaj. "My names Kaj, I am a young warrior from New Namek looking for the legend I was told of that came here so I may be stronger."
     Nitzu approached Kaj, and extended his arm forward, holding it out for him to shake. "Well, welcome to the Lookout, Kaj, I'm Nitzu!" Kaj slowly put his hand out in return and shook his hand. "Er...Hello" Kaj replied.
      Jaduko walked up next to Kaj, "I found him landing in a Namekian ship a couple hundred miles from West City. Pickollo then walked up to Kaj, standing just around his height, if not barely shorter than Kaj "You wish to become stronger and seek my training?"
   Kaj nodded in return, "Yes, legends from my home village  said of a Namekian that left and came here and could make people stronger." Pickollo turned from the group, "Follow me, Kaj" Pickollo instructed, as he walked into the Time Chamber
Kaj followed soon after, looking around as he stepped into the empty white void of the Time Chamber
   "Tell me" Pickollo said as he sat down in a meditation pose, "Why is it that you came to me to become stronger? Why are you here?"
  Kaj removed his hood, flabbergasted at the time chamber's constant changes in both heat and gravity. Kaj then took a seat in front of Pickollo, and closed his eyes.
   "12 years ago, when I was merely a 4 year old, our people, Potreans, had lived in peace."

The scene fades to a purple grassed planet lush with forests and odd terrain, with tons of happy inhabitants all gathered together. "until during one of our celebrations, a lizard like alien came to our planet, causing mayhem and havoc across our nations." Kaj's tone took a more horrified tone as an explosion went off by a group of the planets inhabitants, and a blue skinned alien with horns and gray armor plating appeared above the inhabitants, causing them all to run on terror. "I watched him murder thousands in front of me...even my own family, right in front of me, I was frozen with horror..." The scene shows the alien punch a hole through the chest of Kaj's father and blast his mother, killing both of them " I guess he thought I wasn't worth the effort of chasing, because I managed to escape with minor bruises and cuts...but his pure red eyes still haunt me to this day."Kaj says as he sees the lizard-like alien in his consciousness, staring at him, his mouth covered along with his armored plating,causing Kaj to open his eyes..."After that I managed to escape in what seemed to be a pod that took me off the planet, and after a few hours had passed, I landed on Namek, where I was raised by a Dragon warrior clan, and learned their fighting style, they were my family for a time. I had trained my hardest,trying to prevent what happened to me to other planets."
 Pickollo's eyes opened up as well, now intrigued in the story, feeling as though their fates were similar to one another
"While training one day, I heard a rumor of a namekian, you, that had came to this planet and had the capability to make people stronger than the clan that raised me ever could, that's why I'm here. I want to protect people from the same fate as me at any cost!"
    Pickollo stood up. "That's quite the story, a fate nearly worse than mine, so it would seem. Alright, I'll train you, Kaj."
 Kaj stood up as well.
"You say you want to help and protect people?" Pickollo asked. "Well, your chance might be soon enough, as we have a looming threat coming to this planet, that are far stronger than any of us had faced, currently we're gathering the rest of the Z-fighters, but for now, you'll be on the lookout training along side another new recruit, Alex. That boy you saw earlier."
  An image of Alex flashed in Kaj's mind as he remembered seeing him earlier. "Ah, yes, I remember him." Kaj said as he crossed his arms.
 The two walked out of the time chamber, to see Jaduko and Nitzu training with Alex, watching Alex land a few kicks on Jaduko and punches on Nitzu. "So this threat, what exactly is it?" Kaj asked. "A group of three from what I can remember most from my premonition, though I could not see what they looked like exactly, it was just a trio of silhouettes" Kaj rose an eyebrow in curiosity.
  The scene transitions to three pods flying at intense speed through space. Flashing images of Prince Seda, Juzo, and Tox appear, then transitions back to Kaj walking towards Nitzu, Jaduko and Alex, as the scene freezes on Kaj, then fades to black
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Season 1: Episode 7- Kaj's past
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