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 VOL 10: Chapter 93 - "Heart Stained Black"

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PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 93 - "Heart Stained Black"   VOL 10: Chapter 93 - "Heart Stained Black" I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2016 6:24 pm

Looking up into the sky as she flew behind Konno, Lori steadily watched the orange vortex swirling in the sky, it definitely wasn't a natural occurence, and if it was... what was it? The sky was still a dark grey and dark clouds slowly moved across the sky, dispersing as Konno and Lori flew through them. It was bright and sunny when the fight with Reybuu had taken place, was the sky overcast due to these vortexes?

"This is all just a little weird to me." Konno piped up, breaking Lori's concentration. She sped up so she was flying side by side with her husband. "First we're enjoying life as a married couple, and then we're thrown into the middle of a war between a demon and a friend of ours from the future and then we meet the supposed guardian of the entire planet, who was killed because of us. Now we're on the search for a mystical locket, god knows where it is or what it signifies. Not to mention the vortexes or portals or whatever they are, up in the sky." Konno rolled his eyes. "We shoulda just stayed home and called Vitalus up for a cup of coffee or something, he's the only one not acting weird lately."

"First of all, we haven't seen Vitalus in several months." Lori retorted, Konno jokingly scoffed. "Second, Jaduko has been our friend for a long time, a close friend of mine and the best you could ask for. He's saved our lives..-" She was cut off by Konno.

"Got us killed, and then resurrected us." Konno corrected her.

"Er, yeah, but he took the initiative to bring us back, he knew what his mistake was and he did saved us from danger he threw us in." Lori responded. "If he wants us to look for something that has ties to the family he lost, it's the least we can do to help him out."

"You're right, I guess." Konno muttered. "I just wanna figure out what's up with those things in the sky." He and Lori looked up at the vortexes.

"I feel like Jaduko was onto something, sure he may want to get the Locket so he can have something to remember his father, but maybe the Locket's behind all of thi-" Lori was cut off once again as a loud shot fired through the air, before she could move her head to look towards the source, Konno tackled her out of the air and a white beam passed by the two of them at the speed of lightning. Lori widened her eyes as the wind blew past her and Konno, the side of the beam slashed Konno's leg and the two fell towards the ground. Lori looked downwards towards the ground and noticed the two of them were heading face first into a gigantic, red barn.

Lori flipped in the air and pushed against the wind, she and Konno caught themselves above the ground and the grass beneath them rustled as they softly landed.

"Nice save." Lori quickly kissed Konno on the cheek and looked around, the two of them were standing in the middle of a field next to the red barn, a wooden fence surrounded the acre of grass they were in. The two of them were standing in the center of a farm, a white house was a few hundred yards away from the barn and massive hills scattered the landscape with tall weeds lifting from the ground.

"My leg took a hit, but it'll be alright." Konno winced as he looked down and noticed a small cut in his leg, lifting up his grey top to look at his black gi pants, Konno noticed there was a large rip in the side of his leg and blood was slowly leaking from the cut. Lori bent down to attend to his leg, but she stopped before she could do anything.

Konno and Lori's attention snapped towards the red barn, where they felt a large energy spike, most likely the source of the white blast from earlier. A silhouette emerged from over the roof of the barn and stared down at the two, the wind blew through his spiky hair and he appeared to be wearing Saiyan armor with wide shoulder plates, similar to what Seikyo had wore on Earth when he first arrived, back when he was named Seiyogi.

"A Saiyan?" Lori clenched her fists. "They're still after Jaduko?"

"It doesn't matter anyway, the last Saiyan I fought, I kicked his ass." Konno smirked, thinking of Yamu, leaving out the fact that he would've lost the fight if it were hand-to-hand. "Hey buddy! The sky's a little dark so we can't see you, join us down here!"

Without any words, the figure stepped forward on the roof so the two Earthlings could see his face. Konno and Lori both widened their eyes and their jaws dropped when they recognized the face.

The Saiyan was wearing black spandex with white Saiyan boots, gloves, and armor, the armor had crimson red plating which complimented the black coloring of the spandex. Unlike other Saiyans, this Saiyan did not have a tail, signifying that it had been removed at some point. The Saiyan's hair was spiked in the same style as Taisuka's with the exception of his bangs, which extended down the front of his forehead rather than the sides. His hair was also coal black, not brown. But something was off... his face looked exactly like Taisuka's...

"Taisuka...?" Lori muttered, looking up towards the roof. The Saiyan snickered and his voice had the same tone as Taisuka.

This was Taisuka! Konno and Lori's eyes shook as they stared up at the Saiyan in awe, how was this possible, how many Taisuka's can there be? One from the present and one from the future, where was this Taisuka from, an alternate reality..? We'll refer to this black haired Saiyan as Taikaus to prevent further confusion..

"Taisuka! What are you doing here? I thought you were back with Kyuti, Jaduko, and Violouh!" Lori took a step forward towards the barn, looking up towards the roof. "What's with your hair all of a sudden?" She would have taken another step, but Konno's arm blocked her path. Lori lifted her head and stared at Konno, who was glaring at Taikaus.

"This isn't Taisuka.. He may look like him, but not only is his hair color different, his ki isn't normal... it feels evil." Konno replied, Lori rose an eyebrow, Taisuka was anything but evil.

"You two look a lot like a few friends I had a few years back." Taikaus called down towards the two Earthlings. The Saiyan took a large leap and hopped off of the side of the barn, he landed on a stack of hay in front of the two. "But you feel different, you're both weaker than those friends." He chuckled and stepped off of the hay, he took a step towards the two.

"We are your friends, what's going through your head?" Lori piped up, Konno took a step back and used his arm to push Lori backwards with him, as Taikaus took a step forward, they would take a step back.

"Friends, are we?" Taikaus questioned, he halted and put his hands on his hips. "Hmm.. you're Lori and Konno?"

"Yeah!" Lori replied, she softly smiled but her smile dropped when Taikaus began to laugh.

"Can't believe you're still alive! I'll make sure to not get sloppy this time." Taikaus stopped chuckling. Konno and Lori let out a soft gasp at his comment.

"You're a cocky little shit... aren't you?" Konno growled. "Are you saying... you killed us..?"

"Well, not her." Taikaus pointed at Lori, he then shifted his finger towards Konno. "But you.." He grinned and nodded. "I needed a challenge, and you weren't up to it."

'This Taisuka is cocky and rude... nothing like the Taisuka we know...' Lori thought to herself as Konno and Taikaus glared at one another. 'He doesn't look like an older version of Taisuka, so he can't be from the future, his tone of voice and appearance are similar to the Taisuka we know. Could this be... could this be an alternate reality? Are we in an alternate world due to the effects of that Locket?' Lori looked up at the sky and looked at the vortexes in the sky, realizing it was slowly making sense.

"So what's the deal with you?" Konno questioned, he clenched his fists without moving from his position. "I thought I was your friend, why'd you kill me?"

"Tch.. when your family abandons you, most friends are killed and you are left with nothing. Tell me if it's better to leave loose strings or just get rid of everything completely." Taikaus retorted and without any warning, a white aura erupted around his right arm in the shape of a blade. It was the same kind of attack that Reybuu was using during his fight with the Z-Fighters. Bursting from the position he was at, Taikaus lunged at Konno and lifted his arm in the air in an attempt to slash down onto Konno.

"Lori, MOVE!" Konno shouted, he lifted his hand and pushed his wife out of the way, using the same arm, he blocked Taikaus' arm with his forearm. Taikaus recoiled backwards and the blade faded, he spun around and slammed his foot into Konno's neck. But before the Earthling was sent flying across the ground, the Saiyan's foot tilted and wrapped underneath Konno's chin. Taikaus continued to spin and using his foot, he slammed Konno onto the ground. Konno winced as dirt flew into the wound on his leg, and he rolled out of the way as Taikaus slammed his foot down onto the ground where Konno's head once rested.

"Nice move, but it's a little too fancy for my taste." Konno tauned as he got to his feet, dirt flew through the air between he and Taikaus as the two stared each other down. Konno sensed Taikaus' ki energy and noticed he was relatively weaker than the Taisuka he knew.

As the dust settled, Taikaus lunged forward and thrust his fist towards Konno's face, but the Earthling quickly lifted his arms to block the attack. Forming an 'X' with his forearms, Konno felt Taikaus' punch slam into his forearms, again and again. The two slowly slid across the dirt as Taikaus threw punch after punch into Konno's forearms. Konno glared into Taikaus' eyes and kept a straight face, so did the Saiyan.

'Amazing, he's blocking a Saiyan's punches!' Lori thought to herself, she was a few yards away from the fight, watching Konno block each punch as if he were studying Taikaus' fighting strength and technique.

Deflecting Taikaus' punch, Konno flipped backwards through the air, he lunged forward and slammed his fist into Taikaus' stomach, the Saiyan's pupils dilated and spit flew from his mouth as he went sliding back across the ground.

'This version of Taisuka hasn't learned Wild Sense... I don't think this Taisuka ever trained with Jaduko, does that mean...' Lori watched Konno lunge forward at Taikaus, the two thrust their forearms towards each other and the ground around them cracked as the two arms made contact. Konno grit his teeth and Taikaus cockily grinned. 'This Taisuka isn't a Super Saiyan?' Lori thought.

Taikaus rolled out of Konno's attack and thrust his fist upwards, smacking it into Konno's chin.

"Oof!" Konno muttered, he flew backwards in the air and flipped to regain his footing, lifting his head, he noticed Taikaus leaping towards him with his arm straightened. Taikaus slashed a karate chop down towards Konno's skull, but the Earthling leaned back and caught Taikaus' arm in between his two hands. The Saiyan's fingers were inches away from Konno's face and the two struggled with one another.

"Think about what you're doing!" Konno growled. "What would the others do if they saw you like this?"

"They're not here are they? It doesn't matter what they'd think!" Taikaus freed himself from Konno's grip but before he could move, Konno's fists rapidly slammed into his stomach, cracking the crimson plating on his stomach. Konno lifted his leg and pushed Taikaus away.

"What would Lizz think?" Konno muttered, straightening his body, Taikaus fell onto one knee and looked up at Konno, he spat blood out onto the ground. "Or did you kill her too...?"

"No loose strings... I needed to be free of my depression.." Taikaus muttered. "I was always too weak when compared to the others, it was best that they didn't get in my way of getting stronger."

"How could you..." Konno grit his teeth and his eyes flared up in anger.

"Konno!" Lori butt into the fight, Konno and Taikaus turned their attention towards her. "This Taisuka hasn't been trained by Jaduko, he's not as powerful or as talented as our Taisuka!"

"So you're saying, he can't go Super Saiyan?" Konno smirked and chuckled. Taikaus grit his teeth and lifted his arm up towards Lori. He formed his fingers into the shape of a gun and aimed it at Lori, it was the same attack as Taisuka's primary attack.

A white beam fired from Taikaus' fingers towards Lori, but Lori shifted to the right and allowed the beam to fly into the red barn, birds flew off of the roof. With Taikaus' attention turned away from Konno, the Earthling let out a roar and rushed forward, Taikaus turned his head and felt a knee slam into his chin. Konno's knee was engulfed in a white and orange aura. His teeth crunched together and snapped from the attack. The Saiyan went rolling backwards along the ground, until he slammed into the wooden fence behind him.

Lifting his head and spitting out his shattered teeth onto the ground next to him, Taikaus wiped his mouth and watched Konno halt a few yards in front of him. Swirling his arms around each other, Konno bent down into a martial arts fighting stance with his left arm in front of him and his right arm extended up behind his head.

Pushing himself from the ground, Taikaus threw a rapid barrage of punches and kicks at Konno, who deflected each attack with ease. Sweat began to drip from Taikaus' forehead as he leaned forward and slammed his fist upwards into Konno's chin. The Earthling leaned back and placed his hand on the ground behind him, using the momentum of the kick, he pushed himself upwards and slammed his foot into Taikaus' chest. The Saiyan went flying back into the wooden fence once more and broke through it, wood went flying and grass flew in the air as he rolled onto his feet.

Konno and Lori were no where in sight. Taikaus widened his eyes.

'Did they run..?' Taikaus thought to himself, he straightened his body and looked around but couldn't see any sign of Lori or Konno. 'Useless fighters.. now I need to get my teeth fixed..' He rubbed his jaw.

Lowering his hand, Taikaus took a step forward so he could take off into the sky, but before he lifted his feet from the ground, the sound of grass crunching behind him sparked his attention. Taikaus turned around and was prepared to fight Konno, but instead of Konno, he saw Lori. Lori rushed forward and wrapped her arms around Taikaus before he could attack. She embraced him in a hug and Taikaus' fists remained clenched, but he looked into the sky past Lori's head in confusion.

"W-What is this?" Taikaus questioned, he didn't fight back, he simply embraced the hug as if he hadn't received one in his life and this was a new experience for him.

"It's called a hug. I can tell you haven't had one from anyone for a while." Lori replied.

"I don't need a hug.." Taikaus retorted. "I'm your enemy, your opponent, you don't hug all of your opponents do you?"

"I do when they're my friend, and family." Lori replied. Taikaus widened his eyes after hearing the word 'family. His fists slowly unclenched themselves.

"W-What?" Taikaus muttered. "Family?"

"You may not know it, but the Lori you knew loved you as a brother." Lori muttered, her voice started to shake. "Every single one of your friends thought of you as family. Konno, Klio, Lizz, Jaduko, Kyuti... even Seikyo, Violouh, and Vitalus. All of us were your family, and still are."

"But, they're... most of them are gone.." Taikaus muttered. "My friends, my father... my mother even abandoned me..." Tears began to form in his eyes.

"That's not true. She left you in the care of others who were capable of giving you love you deserved." Lori thought about what to say next, realizing that this version of Taisuka would have not known what happened to his father, Retasu. "Whatever happened to your father, he loved you and he wanted you to live a good life. A good life with friends that cared for you and took you in as family. Lizz was like your mother, she loved you. We all did."

"I-I killed them.." Taikaus muttered, closing his eyes and letting his tears stream down his face. Lori's eyes began to tear up as well. "Did you truly love me... as a brother?"

"Not did.." Lori muttered. "I do.."

Konno landed on the ground behind Taikaus, he looked at the Saiyan embracing his wife in a hug and crossed his arms. A slight smile spread across his face.

"It feels nice doesn't it?" Konno muttered. "To open your heart to love, rather than hatred."

"Yeah.." Taikaus muttered, slowly opening his eyes. He leaned away from Lori and the two looked at each other, wiping their tears. Everything seemed to be fine until Taikaus collapsed to his knees.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Taikaus muttered, he grasped onto the grass and widened his eyes, he stared down onto the ground and tears dripped onto the dirt. "I shouldn't have been so selfish with personal gain, I've been living a dark life for years, when I could've been living a healthy one with all of you!" He sniffed. "I'm so stupid!"

Lori lifted her hand and covered her mouth, she couldn't stand watching other people cry. Konno stepped forward and knelt down next to Taikaus.

"It will all be fine. You said that 'most' of your friends were gone, there are bound to be some others out there that you can find, and if things come to worse, you can revive everyone with the Dragon Balls." Konno chuckled. Taikaus lifted his head and stared at Konno. "Go out and get yourself a girl, the Taisuka I know knows a girl named Yitoro, I think, you should go and find her!"

"Y-Yeah, I will, I'll try to build my life back up, the best I can." Taikaus replied. "But now that I think about it... you're not from my world, you're from an alternate reality.. why are you here?"

"Well you see those vortexes in the sky?" Lori spoke through sniffles, she wiped tears from her eyes and pointed up at the orange and green vortexes in the sky. "We think those are responsible for us being here, so we just came here for the Locket of Nether to try and return home."

"The Locket did this?" Taikaus wiped his tears and got to his feet alongside Konno. "I never suspected the Locket had that much power, to bring realities together."

"You know about the Locket?" Konno asked, Taikaus nodded. "Tell us everything you know."

So that's exactly what he did, Taikaus told the two what they needed to know, and with final salutations, the two Earthlings burst off into the sky in a rush towards something, leaving Taikaus down on the ground. The Saiyan was ready to rebuild his life thanks to help from old friends.

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VOL 10: Chapter 93 - "Heart Stained Black"
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