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 VOL 10: Chapter 96 - "The Man in The Mirror"

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VOL 10: Chapter 96 - "The Man in The Mirror" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 96 - "The Man in The Mirror"   VOL 10: Chapter 96 - "The Man in The Mirror" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2016 6:09 pm

"I can never forgive myself for letting that demon kick my ass." Seikyo spoke to himself as he flew through the sky, his red aura flaring around him as he flew. The Saiyan had been flying for several minutes after leaving his allies on The Lookout, flying over lakes and grasslands, Seikyo searched for the Locket of Nether but had no luck in retrieving it.

"The only way I can get stronger is if I fight someone on my level.. Jaduko and Taisuka are the only ones capable of besting me in combat but I need a challenge from them. Taisuka may have transformed into a Super Saiyan, but he's not as passionate about fighting as Jaduko is. If I find the Locket and destroy it, it will coax Jaduko into fighting me." Seikyo grinned as he spoke out loud, clouds dispersing around him as he flew through them. "It's evil of me to do that, but it's the only way I can get a serious fight out of him."

Noticing trees emerge from over the horizon, Seikyo slowed his speed when he realized he would be flying over Pipper Forest, a forest located out South of East City. Rather than flying over the tops of the tall trees, Seikyo began to fly through the trees, searching the ground for the Locket.

'I'm ticked off about this whole Super Saiyan ordeal.' Seikyo thought to himself, scanning over the bushes with multicolored flowers. 'Jaduko and Taisuka are the equivalent of cavemen in the Saiyan Society.. while I was a Royal Soldier. How have they achieved a power greater than my own? Why does every Saiyan achieve a power higher than mine? I won't allow myself to be stomped on by my people any longer, I just need to surpass them. I will become a Super Saiyan soon!'

Seikyo continued to scan the ground but he was unable to find the Locket, his anger and impatience grew. He eventually passed a tree with a gigantic trunk, but was unaware of the figure hiding behind it on a branch. Once Seikyo passed, the figure moved into the light with a grin.

The figure hopped from tree to tree as he followed Seikyo, the Saiyan was oblivious to his stalker until he heard the leaves rustling behind him. Slowing to a halt, Seikyo turned around and looked towards the source of the rustling, but he couldn't see anything. Leaves softly floated towards the ground in front of him which caused him to fire a red beam into the ruffage above him.

Seikyo was caught off guard when a foot slammed into the back of his neck and he was sent flying down towards the ground. Flipping to catch himself, animals underneath Seikyo scurried away as the Saiyan's feet slammed into the ground with enough force that toppled over a resting dragon nearby. Seikyo lifted his head and saw the silhouette of a figure drop to the ground in front of him, the forest was dark considering that the sky was still overcast, but Seikyo was able to see what the figure looked like.

The figure was wearing the exact same clothes as Seikyo but with different colors. Rather than black gloves with blue finger plates, the figure's gloves were completely white and instead of blue boots with black plates, the figure's boots were white with black plates on the toes. Instead of Seikyo's dark grey gi, the figure was wearing a grey-ish blue gi supported by a grey belt, he had a grey undershirt underneath his gi. Seikyo widened his eyes when he realized the figure's face was exactly the same as his and the hairstyle was the same as well. Their eye colors were the same, but their hair color was different. Rather than having black hair, the figure had dark brunette hair like Jaduko and Taisuka.

"W-Who are you?!" Seikyo shouted. The dinosaur that he awoke earlier got to it's feet and ran away, clearing the area for the two.

"Wow.. when the boss said I might run into my duplicate, he wasn't kidding!" The figure spoke, he had Seikyo's voice but it was slightly higher pitched and more upbeat. "You look exactly like me! Is your name Yoksei too?"

"Oh my god.." Seikyo grumbled and pretended to dry heave. "You look like me, but sound like Jaduko and Taisuka." He gagged and held up a finger. "Give me a minute."

"I'm sorry, is something wrong? You look like me, but you're all glum and in dark clothing. I can hardly see you in this lighting. I wish the sky wasn't so dark." Yoksei muttered, scratching his chin.

'He talks too damn much. What is the meaning of this?' Seikyo thought, he studied his duplicate and his strength.

"So, are you a duplicate of me or something?" Yoksei asked, Seikyo's veins bulged out of his skin in anger.

"What?! No! You're my duplicate!" Seikyo shouted. "Grr... I don't have time for this, move aside and go back to whatever you do for fun." Seikyo began walking forward and placed his hand on Yoksei's shoulder to push him aside. But in an instant, Yoksei's attitude drastically changed.

"Don't touch me!" Yoksei shouted, he reeled back and clenched a fist. Seikyo's eyes widened as Yoksei's fist slammed into his face with enough force to send him flying upwards at an angle towards the top of the trees. Seikyo's body spiraled and a trail of wind picked up behind him as he flew.

"What the hell was that?" Seikyo rubbed his nose as he flipped and caught himself by placing his feet on the side of the tree he was sent flying towards. Before he could say anything else, Yoksei lifted his hands and placed them together, he placed them horizontally together and small blue lights began to form at the end of his fingers. Seikyo widened his eyes recognizing the attack.

Ten blue beams fired from Yoksei's fingertips towards Seikyo. Seikyo grit his teeth and quickly slid down the bark of the tree, he looked up and noticed the blue beam cut off the top of the tree, birds flew out of the treetop into the sky. Seikyo looked down towards Yoksei and was surprised at his duplicate's speed, Yoksei's body fizzed into view in front of Seikyo and reeled his knee back. Seikyo kicked off of the tree bark and flipped downwards, he looked up just as soon as Yoksei's foot slammed into the bark where Seikyo once resided. The force of the kick was enough to knock the entire tree over.

"Ironic that I talked about needing to challenge someone on my level. Looks like I won't need to destroy the Locket after all!" Seikyo smirked as the ground shook from the tree falling over. Seikyo was still floating horizontally, looking upwards at Yoksei.

"So the boss was also right about you searching for the Locket. Looks like I gotta stop you from getting it. This'll be fun!" Yoksei shouted, a blue aura flared around his body and he fired a barrage of ki blasts down towards Seikyo.

"Blue aura and a childlike attitude toward fighting. Are you me, or Jaduko?" Seikyo groaned. He deflected the blasts and fired his own barrage of red ki blasts back towards Yoksei. Yoksei deflected the beams and watched Seikyo drop towards the ground. His blue aura flared around him as he dropped down after Seikyo.

Flipping and landing on his feet, Seikyo thrust his neck upwards to see if Yoksei was following after him, sure enough, the brunette haired Saiyan was dropping to the ground as well.

"Hiyah!" Yoksei shouted as he slammed his foot down onto the top of Seikyo's head, but Seikyo quickly blocked the kick with both of his forearms. Rolling to the side, Seikyo kicked upwards and his foot smacked into Yoksei's stomach, the Saiyan went flying through the air into a nearby tree. Animals went running from the fight.

"I'm amazed at your strength, can you transform into a Super Saiyan?" Seikyo questioned as Yoksei got to his feet.

"Not me, but I know people who can." Yoksei bent his neck and cracked it as if the fight had just began. "I would ask if you are able to transform, but judging off of the power you've displayed, you're too weak to be a Super Saiyan."

Seikyo's eyes twitched after hearing the phrase 'you're too weak'. Images in his mind flashed back to his childhood where he remembered King Nunber and the other Saiyan children mocking him for being too weak when compared to other Saiyans, and even his own family. Yamu was always stronger than Seikyo, Kyuti as a child was even stronger than Seikyo was at her age, there was no excuse as to why Seikyo was so weak, he just couldn't keep up.

"You of all people...." Seikyo muttered. "Should know not to call me weak..."

"Why?" Yoksei snickered.

"Wasn't your childhood the same as mine..?" Seikyo asked, his bangs cast a shadow over his eyes so Yoksei couldn't see them and he clenched his fists. "Being bullied by your peers and tormented by your King for being weak scum.. Being reminded that you are unable to keep up with them every single day, only to train your ass off day after day to cement yourself on top of the pack, only to find out there will always be someone stronger than you..?"

"Not really, I never focused on strength." Yoksei retorted.

'Is that why Jaduko and Taisuka have been able to achieve Super Saiyan? Because they don't care about their own personal strength..?' Seikyo thought, he grit his teeth. 'They... they were children... I am a man... a Saiyan..!'

"Enough talk, getting bored." Yoksei yawned. "Let's continue our fight!" He hopped into the air and began flying downwards towards Seikyo, who was still looking downwards.

'All this time... I've been bullied, tormented, for not being strong, forcing myself to train day after day so I could achieve the form of legend, the Super Saiyan.. Then two children who enjoy life day after day waltz in and claim the form, before me! I worked hard! I've had enough!' Seikyo's voice shouted in his mind and he grit his teeth even harder, the Saiyan lifted his head and Yoksei could see the shadow lift off of Seikyo's eyes, revealing the hateful and glaring eyes that pierced into his soul.

Reeling his fist back, Yoksei thrust his fist forward in an attempt to strike Seikyo in the face, but Seikyo quickly thrust his own fist into Yoksei's. The two fists collided and the ground around them slightly cracked.

"Huh?" Yoksei widened his eyes, amazed at Seikyo's sudden burst of power.

"I'll show you what it means..." Seikyo began, his grey eyes quickly turned cyan and then reverted back to grey and his hair began to flutter in the wind as it quickly flashed golden before turning black once more like car lights passing through a window. "TO BE A WARRIOR!" Seikyo shouted. Yoksei widened his eyes as the air around his and Seikyo's fists exploded, their blue and auras flared around their fists and fought against one another, trying to gain dominance over each other.

The two fists pushed back and forth, veins bulged out of the two Saiyan's arms but Seikyo's punch slowly gained dominance as the skin on Yoksei's arm began to tear in a line from his wrist directly up to his shoulder and blood slowly leaked from the rips. Seikyo leaned forward and punched Yoksei in the face with his free hand, the Saiyan went flying back through the air with blood spiraling around him.

"Ouch! The hell?!" Yoksei was surprised at Seikyo's sudden outburst. He had noticed his hair slightly turn golden. Was Seikyo turning into a Super Saiyan? Or was he just channeling the power of a Super Saiyan without transforming?

Yoksei flew backwards through the air thinking about whether or not Seikyo was a Super Saiyan, but his thoughts were cut short when he slammed into someone's chest. Freezing in place, Yoksei's eyes were wide open in fear and he refused to turn around. Seikyo was hovering in the air behind the fearful Yoksei, he was staring into the back of his duplicate's head. Yoksei blinked and slowly gazed to his left as if he was waiting for an open spot to attack.

"... NYAH!" Yoksei shouted as he quickly spun around, he slashed his leg towards Seikyo's hip, but Seikyo's body fizzed out of view. Yoksei widened his eyes and looked up, he saw Seikyo's fists slam directly into his nose. Yoksei went flying down towards the ground, smacking into boulders along the way until he slid to a halt in the dirt.

Seikyo flew backwards in the air and curved downwards through the air until he was gliding along the ground. He noticed Yoksei slowly getting to his feet, but before Yoksei could react, Seikyo slammed his fist into Yoksei's stomach.

Blood exploded from Yoksei's mouth and the Saiyan went skidding across the ground. Yoksei noticed Seikyo's hair was still black, and not golden. This strength was naturally coming from his body! Yoksei slid to a halt and fell on one knee, he noticed Seikyo holding his arms above his head, the Saiyan placed his palms together and wrapped his fingers around one another. Slowly removing his left hand away from his right, Seikyo lowered his left hand and allowed his right to remain in the air pointing at Yoksei, a red light began to form in front of his knuckles.

"SPIRIT CRUSHER!" Seikyo shouted as a gigantic red beam fired from his knuckles towards Yoksei. Yoksei widened his eyes and quickly lifted his hands in front of him, pointing his palms towards the beam. Without saying anything, a blue beam blasted from Yoksei's hands and smacked into Seikyo's Spirit Crusher.

The two beams struggled against one another and the two Saiyans shouted. But Seikyo's beam was simply too strong for Yoksei's. Yoksei slid back along the ground on his knees trying to fight against the beam, but the Spirit Crusher engulfed his blue beam and engulfed his entire body. Yoksei went flying backwards and the beam blasted through the trees.

When the beam disappeared and the smoke settled, Seikyo noticed Yoksei's body was still intact and laying on the ground in the middle of the crater the beam created. Whether he was alive or dead was up to the reader's interpretations.

"Hmph.. I told you I didn't have time, you should have left like I said." Seikyo muttered, turning around. He floated up into the sky and continued his search for the Locket.

With Seikyo's power increasing from this battle, and the Super Saiyan form calling to him. How long would it take for Seikyo to achieve the Super Saiyan Transformation? Will training be enough for him to achieve this legendary form? Find out next time!

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VOL 10: Chapter 96 - "The Man in The Mirror"
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