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 VOL 12: Chapter 115 - "The Fearsome Fantom"

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VOL 12: Chapter 115 - "The Fearsome Fantom" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 115 - "The Fearsome Fantom"   VOL 12: Chapter 115 - "The Fearsome Fantom" I_icon_minitimeFri May 26, 2017 6:19 pm

Before any of the four could attack Fantom, they were shocked to see the tiny green ghost clench his fingerless hands. He winced and began to grunt as his body slowly increased in mid-air. Konno widened his eyes and Taisuka raised an eyebrow, both of them were shocked to see green sparks circulate around the ghost as if he were transforming. Within minutes, he transformed from the size of a soccer ball to a giant. Muscled legs and feet extended from the bottom of his body and slammed onto the ground below, causing it to shake.

"What the hell is it doing?" Kaj growled as he watched Fantom's stubby arms extend and grow in muscle mass, fingers began to form at the end of his hands.

"It appears he is trying to threaten us, I cannot sense any power emitting from his body despite his appearance." Violouh answered, he was just as surprised as his comrades.

Kyuti, Lori, Yamada, Lizz, Klio, Vitalus, and Yitoro all watched as Fantom slowly knelt onto the ground, the sparks around his body disappeared and were replaced with smoke rising from parts of his body.

"Are you sure it's safe to keep your baby here?" Yitoro looked over at Lori.

"I'll protect him no matter what, I'm sure whatever is happening down there can be handled." Lori sternly looked at Yitoro, Kyuti put her hand on her shoulder. The female Saiyan stared down at Fantom and analyzed everything about him, he had a significant increase in power despite no one being able to sense it.

All was silent as the four warriors down on the fighting arena watched Fantom slowly lift himself up from his knees, getting to his feet, Fantom stood about 4 or 5 feet taller than Violouh, who was the tallest one out of the four. His body mass increased tremendously as he was completely muscle, whether it would slow him down or not was a mystery. Once the smoke rising from Fantom's body moved away from his face, Konno winced and noticed that Fantom's quirky and baby-like face was still the same, it had no change.

"Bwah ha ha!" Konno couldn't help but laugh as he bent down and held onto his stomach. "I was gonna call you terrifying but I simply can't do it with that face!" He continued to laugh, Kaj and Violouh gave Konno a weird look.

"You dare insult me when I'm nearly three times as big as you?" Fantom was getting agitated, his voice hadn't changed either. Taisuka smirked and held in a laugh from this.

"Get serious, we are not aware of what his strength is." Violouh slapped Konno on the shoulder, causing the human to get to his feet and get serious.

"You're right, I don't want to act like Jaduko and make this situation worse." Konno smirked and bent down into a fighting position alongside the others. Before he could charge, Taisuka rushed forward and shouted as a white aura began to emanate from his fists.

Slamming his right fist into Fantom's stomach, the punch surprisingly made contact but it didn't seem to phase the green ghost. Taisuka grit his teeth and jumped in the air, he shouted with each punch he threw as he rapidly jammed both of them into Fantom's chest and face. Fantom seemed as though he was feeling no pain but his body recoiled from each punch like a rag doll.

"Hiyagggghhhh!" Taisuka channeled all of his energy into one punch and slammed it into Fantom's chest. A huge white explosion shot out from the ghost's back and to any normal person, it would have done damage. However for Fantom, the green ghost simply smiled and slapped Taisuka away, sending him flying into the stadium seats nearby Kyuti and the rest, who all gasped as concrete and benches went flying.

"You." Fantom pointed at Konno, who widened his eyes. "You're first." With that, the green ghost burst from his position and prepared to attack Konno.

Jumping into the air, Kaj and Violouh planned on getting around Fantom as he lunged towards Konno. The Earthling held his arm to his side and thrust it forward, firing a huge orange and white blast wave into the ghost's face like a fire hose. Konno shouted as he tried to keep the beam strong, but Fantom's face slowly emerged from the blast as he got closer to Konno's hand.

With a horrified look on his face, Konno was defenseless as Fantom slammed his fist into the Earthling's head. Konno winced in pain as blood squirted out of his mouth and nose, he was sent flying into the red brick wall on the opposing side of the ring.

"Konno!" Lori shouted in horror, but luckily Konno was still alive, just knocked unconscious from a single punch.

"Is that the true power of the Galactic Patrol?" Violouh questioned as aimed his hands down towards the arena, he was directly above Fantom. "SHIMMERING ARROWS!" The Namekian shouted, causing the green ghost to lift his head.

Within an instant, purple arrow-like beams rapidly fired from Violouh's fingers and palms, all of them twisting and turning through the air as they slammed into Fantom causing him to grunt and wince in pain, but for the most part, they were ultimately useless.

"You're under arrest first, punk!" Fantom shouted as he burst into the air towards Violouh.

Thrusting his huge fist towards the Namekian, both Violouh and Fantom were shocked when Kaj's body fizzed into view in between the two. Holding his arm up, Kaj blocked the punch with his forearm.

"Just how powerful is that guy?" Klio muttered, watching as both Kaj's arm and Fantom's arm trembled for dominance. Kyuti rose an eyebrow. This guy was strong enough to block an attack from a person who was able to deflect a Saiyan.

"Kaj Aslolvir... Why must you interrupt my flawless performance?" Fantom was getting cocky as he glared into Kaj's eyes.

"You had no right to attack these people. Your business is with me!" Kaj roared and quickly twist his torso, wrapping both of his arms around Fantom's arms. Using all of his might, the Potrean thrust the green ghost over his shoulder and sent him careening back towards the ground as his smoke trail followed behind. The ground shook as he landed on the crater that Churippu had made earlier.

"Incredible." Violouh was amazed as he stared at Kaj and the black, hair-like spikes on his head. He watched Kaj dash towards the ground, his blue-skin mixed with his incredible speed made him look as if he were a blue blur. Kaj's body rapidly landed on top of Fantom's chest, air burst out from under his feet from the immense speed and without hesitation raised his hand to the sky with his fingers bent as if he were going to rip the ghost's throat out, if he had one.

"DEMONIC BLAST!" Kaj shouted as he thrust his hand forward, his palm was centimeters away from Fantom's face and the green ghost widened his eyes as the Potrean's hand began to glow red. Firing from Kaj's hand within a split second, a gigantic red bleam fired into Fantom's face at point blank range. Red energy shot into the sky as Kaj held the beam onto the ghost's face. Violouh had to quickly move out of the way as the red energy shot up past his body.

Taisuka lifted himself out of the benches and watched in awe as the red energy slowly faded, everyone else was left in shock until the beam disappeared and Kaj was left standing on top of Fantom's body, it had significantly shrunk to a regular humanoid size, but was still muscular. The green ghost's body was charred and had marks on it from the immensely powerful blast.

"Did he do it?" Violouh questioned, but was shocked to see Fantom's body slowly disappear only to reappear in the air above Kaj.

"Kaj look out!" Taisuka shouted, he grit his teeth as his hair stood on end and turned golden. Yitoro turned her head and watched in awe at her boyfriend's determination, she blushed.

Hearing Taisuka's shout, Kaj turned around and quickly crossed his arms, managing to block a punch with his forearms thrown by Fantom who was now the same size as the Potrean.

"If I was a living entity, that blast may have put me six feet under the ground." Fantom complimented Kaj's attack. "But unfortunately for you, as far as I know, I can't die."

Gritting his teeth and grunting, Kaj remained silent as he glared into Fantom's eyes. Taisuka burst from his position and thrust a kick towards Fantom, who quickly backed away from Kaj, he jumped onto solid, flat ground. Taisuka caught himself from the lunge and quickly swung his torso back, rapidly throwing punches and kicks at the green ghost, who deflect all of the punches.

'So if that Fantom guy is deflecting punches from a Super Saiyan... that means that Kaj is just as strong, if not stronger than a Super Saiyan?!' Kyuti widened her eyes and stared at the Potrean, who slowly exited from the crater he was in.

With his punches and kicks doing no good, Taisuka spun around and thrust a kick towards Fantom's head, but the ghost blocked with his hand and threw his opposing fist into Taisuka's stomach sending him flying across the ring. Grabbing onto the ground, Taisuka bounced to his feet and was preparing to throw another attack, but was shocked when he felt a sudden power coming closer.

Kaj lifted his head and felt the power as well, Violouh dropped to the ground next to Fantom and stared towards the building that led away from the ring. Fantom looked over to where Konno's body was and noticed the Earthling slowly getting up, only to stare at the building as well. Everyone in the stands was shocked at the power as well.

"What is everyone staring at?" Fantom questioned and began walking towards the edge of the ring. In front of him, stairs descended from the tournament arena and a concrete walkway led into a dark building with very few lights inside, he winced and noticed someone inside the building walking towards him with his body waving back and forth as he walked.

The person's face and the front of his body was covered in shadows however light shined on the back, allowing Fantom to slightly see what he looked like. The person had his fists clenched and it looked as though he was wearing black gloves, it looked as if he were wearing a black martial arts gi similar to Taisuka's but rather than having a yellow inner shirt, his inner shirt was blue.

As the figure got even closer, the light behind him revealed that he had black spiky hair and a long, single bang that extended from his forward towards the side of his face.

Kyuti widened her eyes as the figure walked into the light, she watched as the figure's blue boot stepped into view, it had black iron plating on the tip. With his eyes closed, the man held his fists at his sides and he lifted his head to face Fantom. Slowly opening his eyes, Fantom was terrified at the grey eyes staring directly into his. The figure's black bang began to wave back and forth as a red aura softly emitted from his feet and slowly waved around his body.

Coming to test his might, Seikyo had finally revealed himself to Fantom.

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VOL 12: Chapter 115 - "The Fearsome Fantom"
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