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 VOL 12: Chapter 119 - "Unraveling Tension"

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VOL 12: Chapter 119 - "Unraveling Tension" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 119 - "Unraveling Tension"   VOL 12: Chapter 119 - "Unraveling Tension" I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2018 10:26 pm

With everything shut off in the world aside from Jaduko and Seikyo, the two Saiyans locked eyes with one another their faces being completely blank. The tension between their glares could be cut with a knife and it was one of those moments you see on T.V where two characters' eyes flash across the screen.

'What do you want?' Seikyo's voice echoed in Jaduko's mind. The two were telepathically talking through their Ki, they could only hear each other, no one else could interrupt their conversation.

'It's just you and me, buddy. Tell me why you're acting this way.' Jaduko replied through his mind. In reality, the two Saiyans were standing behind the group and K.O.N while they chattered on about the Wicked Dragon Balls, yet they could not hear the telepathic conversation between the two.

'Don't refer to me as 'buddy'. It's annoying. You've been calling me that ever since the battle with Zerox. You use that word as if I'm supposed to owe my friendship to you.' Seikyo scoffed, his glare at Jaduko stiffened as if he were getting annoyed with the conversation.

'You don't owe anything to me except respect.' Jaduko's remark caused Seikyo's body to stiffen with anger. 'I can sense the flow of emotions inside of you, you're not acting like you usually do.'

'You protected my little sister against Zerox and Shad's crew on Xerivon. For that, I owed you my life.' Seikyo began. 'Which I had lost when the bastard nearly killed her, you didn't even protect her, yet you believe you have the right to marry her.'

'Are you upset that Kyuti and I got married? I'm sorry that I'm related to you know, but that was about a year ago, man. You know I would have protected her against Zerox if I could, and when I was able to, it was already too late. I couldn't save you either..' Jaduko's voice echoed in Seikyo's head but you could still tell that Jaduko's voice was becoming somber.

'I'm not upset at you marrying her. I'm not upset at anything that happened in the past, hell I'm not even upset.' Seikyo remarked. 'But that comment you just made proves my feelings right now, the ones you're suspecting with ill-intent.' Seikyo spat back.

'What comment?' Jaduko questioned.

'You believe I needed saving.' Seikyo grumbled. 'If you knew anything about my past or if Kyuti told you anything about it, you would understand that is what I needed last. You do NOT treat me like a child thinking you're better than me with your Super Saiyan form.'

'You're upset because I became a Super Saiyan.' Jaduko came to the realization.

'No! I'm upset because of the way you and that boy had achieved it with such ease before I even came close to scratching the surface of that power.' Seikyo's teeth grit.

'That boy? You mean Taisuka, you know that. Seikyo, if anyone deserved to become a Super Saiyan, it was you. You even managed to transform into one back at the Tournament!' Jaduko gave a smile towards his friend. 'You used it for the wrong purpose though.'

'The wrong purpose?!' Seikyo's teeth grit even harder. 'During my entire life, I was told that only the strongest Saiyan warriors could achieve the form, they could only achieve it through pure ferocity and desire like your father, Shishito, a legend among my people simply because he was the first Super Saiyan to spawn from Nunber's Kingdom indirectly. Yet you and a child beat me to the form.. the two of you, so calm and pure hearted. The two of you achieved the form through emotion rather than desire, it called out to you rather than you earning it, earning it like I had done. Now that I have finally reached that pinnacle of power, here you are bearing a power that still outclasses my own. You don't understand how it feels to be frowned upon for your weak power, you have no idea what it means to have the safety of your family be secured through an ancient prophecy. You have NO right to steal the title of strongest warrior from me, because I won't be anything BUT the strongest.'

'Seikyo, don't do anything you're going to regret.' Jaduko warned. 'I'm not stronger than you because I train more than you or even because I deserve it, but because I have a reason to be strong. From what you're telling me, the only reason you have is to beat me. You may say your Super Saiyan form secures the safety of your family, of Kyuti, but I can tell that's not your true intention. I lost my brother because I was too young and naive to know what to fight for. You're not, you need to fight for her rather than yourself.'

'You losing your brother is different than if I lost my sister.' Seikyo retorted.

'You're right, it's different, the way I lost him is what it would be like if Kyuti lost you.' Jaduko grimly replied. 'You can talk about outclassing me all you want but until you realize you're fighting for her, you won't ever do it correctly.'

'Ideally I should be able to outclass you, but for years I have been shamed and ridiculed for my weak power. I have been cast out of Nunber's Kingdom because of it and I even became soft enough to the point of losing my older brother, Yamu, to death, and losing my little sister, Kyuti, to you.' Seiyko's expression softened. 'I even lost myself to your friends and the welcoming nature of this planet. I had expected to become stronger due to the high populations of Earthlings on this planet but yet you and that boy still continue to surpass me day by day. Finally I managed to outclass Taisuka even though he's a child, but you, you're always an obstacle to me.'

'We can train together, Taisuka and I can teach you how to hone your Super Saiyan to it's full capacity and we can reteach you how to fight for the right reasons. You achieved Super Saiyan through pure strength which is something neither of us had done, that alone makes you the best, it proves how you never stray from your goal.' Jaduko replied.

'When we were in that alternate reality, Netherworld, I ran into a version of myself. It was a version that mirrored your personality exactly. Everything he did, the way he fought, the way he looked, the way he acted, it was like I was looking at a funhouse mirror.' Seikyo shuddered. 'He looked like me with your hair color and attitude replacing everything that made me, me.. It made me adjust my way of pursuing power, his carefree attitude and emotion made me realize I had to set my mind on THAT aspect of fighting to match you and Taisuka. But it simply wasn't me.'

'We're both different. You're more of a Saiyan than I'll ever be.' Jaduko chuckled.

'That's why I'll find a way to surpass Super Saiyan, in my own way, a way never seen before. No matter how I achieve that new level of power to beat you, I will do whatever it takes to make myself accepted by my own people.' Seikyo chuckled back, Jaduko's eyes widened as he could sense Seikyo's emotion and a wicked flare of emotion flash across his friend's eyes.

'You wouldn't.' Jaduko softly spoke.

'I would.' Seikyo retorted.

'Think of Kyuti, think of this world that accepted you.' Jaduko remarked.

'This world accepted Kyuti, not I. It can't handle me.' Seikyo's voice chuckled louder in Jaduko's head.

'Seikyo... what's gotten into you?' Jaduko's eyes began to tremble.

'I personally think you're looking too into this, my intent is simply to grow stronger than you, you're simply just too afraid of how much stronger I'll become.' Seikyo's chuckle stopped and he looked at Jaduko with a cocky smile. That evil tension had completely disappeared and Jaduko could feel Seikyo enlightened again.

'Well whatever you have planned, I have faith in you. I'll be looking forward to you becoming stronger than me, because you know for a fact that I won't be far behind.' Jaduko gave a toothy grin. 'My apologies for doubting you, thank you for opening up to me.'

"The pleasure was mine, now if you excuse me, I'm off to train. You all can deal with your Wicked Dragon Balls." Seikyo spoke out, causing the group in front of he and Jaduko to turn their heads towards the two. A red aura sparked around Seikyo and he burst upwards into the sky only to fly at a horizontal angle into the distance until he dropped over the side of the Lookout.

"What was that about?" Konno looked back at Jaduko, who had his arms crossed and was staring off in the direction of where Seikyo flew off to.

"You know, Seikyo being Seikyo." Jaduko chuckled.

'I really doubt he'd go that far..' Jaduko's smile dropped into a frown as he stared up towards the green and black Dragon Balls. 'Cheating isn't his style..'

"Jaduko, did you hear any of this?" Kyuti talked back towards her husband, catching his attention.

"Huh? No, sorry, I spaced out. What's going on?" Jaduko talked as he walked up towards the front of the group. He exchanged glances with Taisuka, who looked concerned, as if he knew why Seikyo flew off in a hurry.

"K.O.N has been telling us that he believes the Wicked Dragon Balls are corrupt because he's from Netherworld and that he shouldn't make Dragon Balls in our reality." Lori looked up towards Jaduko, who noticed that the Black Stars on each of the Dragon Balls reacted to him when he got within a close enough range, as if they were flashing towards him.

"That shouldn't be a problem." Jaduko clenched his fist. "Alternate reality or not, you're welcome here as our New Guardian." Jaduko gave a toothy smirk to K.O.N who rose an eyebrow towards the Saiyan.

"You're Jaduko, correct?" K.O.N questioned, Jaduko nodded to which the Namekian smiled back. "I've heard a lot about you."

"We'll find a way to help you get rid of those Dragon Balls so you can create a fresh batch. I know for certain they're not wicked because of you, something has to be wrong with them." Jaduko's thought shifted in the back of his mind towards Seikyo. "But, until we can figure out how to get rid of them, do your best to hide them. Even though no one can get up here, it wouldn't be safe to let someone use them for the wrong purposes."

"Wow Jaduko, I'm impressed." Lizz rose an eyebrow, Jaduko never really thought of things before hand like this.

"He's right K.O.N, keep those Dragon Balls hidden until we can figure out what's wrong with them, then once we fix that, we can fix all of this "Netherworld" mess so no one has to get arrested." Lori glared at Churippu who glared back.

Lifting his cane into the air, K.O.N made the Wicked Dragon Balls disappear deep into the Lookout so no one could ever make a wish from them.

"They're too dangerous to wish upon. I fear that if anyone were to try, they would either be destroyed by greed due to how powerful the wishes are or corrupted by the evil power within them.." K.O.N nodded towards Jaduko, who shifted his gaze towards the ground. He felt Kyuti put a hand on his shoulder and he let out a sigh of relief. Maybe what he had felt with Seikyo had been wrong, he was just on edge after seeing Seikyo lose control of his power at the tournament, he'd master Super Saiyan eventually, Jaduko knew that for a fact.

"Thank you all for your help, I greatly appreciate it!" K.O.N bowed towards everyone who nodded back. "I'll contact you all if you ever need any further information."

"Will do! Konno, let's get cracking and try to find a logical way to tamper with those Dragon Balls." Lori smiled at her husband and the two flew off towards their home, Yamada in their arms.

"We'll find a way to train and crack those balls with our fists. Violouh, let's take these two home." Taisuka and Violouh blasted off into the sky with Yitoro and Vitalus, Klio following close behind.

Everyone had dispered until it was just Jaduko, Kaj, Churippu, Fantom and Nitzu on the lookout. Jaduko was about to fly off but he noticed Kaj walking towards him, staring him down as if he had something urgent to tell him..

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VOL 12: Chapter 119 - "Unraveling Tension"
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