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 VOL 14: Chapter 133 - "The Last Resort"

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PostSubject: VOL 14: Chapter 133 - "The Last Resort"   VOL 14: Chapter 133 - "The Last Resort" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2018 7:12 pm

"I can't believe it, it's actually working!" Lori shouted, peering up as a yellow beam fired directly into the sky from the portal. She and the others were on top of the Tengoku no Hari building located south of the Macadmi Technology building. Peering over the side, Kaj noted that this building could easily peer over the rooftops of every other building in Central City. The entire roof was flat and had a helicopter pad on top of it where our heroes placed the Netherworld Portal.

The yellow beam was so powerful that gusts of wind shot out in every direction from the beam. Violouh's antennae rapidly bounced around and everyone's hair fluttered wildly.

"It looks like it will take a few minutes to fully power up. The Locket of Nether and the energy K.O.N gave us are working wonderfully!" Lori seemed excited, Konno was proud to see her this way after all the hours she worked.

"You guys ready to head home?" Konno crossed his arms and peered over at Nitzu, who looked away from the beam towards his newfound friend.

"Y-Yeah." Nitzu simply replied. He was definitely excited to head home, but deep down he knew there was nothing there for him. He looked over at Kaj who wasn't peering up at the yellow beam, but was rather admiring the city lights below. "This place has been great.."

"Maybe if we ever figure out trans-dimensional travel again, we'll stop by and give you a visit." Konno lifted a thumbs up to Nitzu, who gave a thumbs up back.

The immense power from the Netherworld Portal powering up was so immense that none of the Z-Fighters on the Tengoku no Hari building felt the immense power emanating from Gatestown, the location of Jaduko and Seikyo.

Back with the two bloodlusted Saiyans, Jaduko glared at Seikyo, who slowly lifted himself to his feet from the destroyed car below him.

"You don't have the right to even think of them anymore." Jaduko muttered, his fists clenched as electricity sparked around them.

"Oh, so you can still speak?" Seikyo frowned. "Glad to know you're still the same warrior." He rubbed his stomach where Jaduko had punched him with miraculous speed. "Your words are something you get to carry to your grave."

'Perhaps this new form of his is just what I needed... I'll beat him even when he achieved a new level of power, cementing myself as the strongest Saiyan to ever exist!' Seikyo chuckled as he thought to himself, he watched Jaduko bend into a fighting position.

"Bring it on." Jaduko muttered, lifting his hands up and waving for Seikyo to rush towards him.

"HIYAGH!" Seikyo shouted as his body fizzed out of view and teleported in front of Jaduko. But before he could throw a punch, Jaduko's body vibrated into a new position, his foot slammed towards Seikyo's face. With half of a millisecond of time to dodge, Seikyo quickly leaned his torso back and shifted his pupils to the left, Jaduko's foot slid cleanly past his cheek.

Before Seikyo could react, Jaduko locked his fists together and reeled them back behind his shoulder, he slammed them into Seikyo's cheeck sending him flying into a nearby tree. Once the corrupt Saiyan slammed into the blacked out trunk, it collapsed into ashes. Rubbing his cheek, Seikyo rolled along the ground and slid on his knees as Jaduko slowly got back on both feet. Seikyo's golden hair fluttered as his green aura raged around him.

"I'll rip him apart..!" Seikyo muttered to himself as he pushed off of the ground and lunged towards Jaduko, who dashed forward as well. The two lifted their forearms and collided together with a large shockwave erupting around them. Both of the Saiyan's arms were shaking as they struggled to overpower one another, Seikyo's teeth were grit as Jaduko's blank face stared back at him.

With swift movements, Jaduko pulled his forearm back to form an 'L' shape, allowing Seikyo to stumble forward with his arm flying forward next to Jaduko's arm. Using his free hand, Jaduko grabbed onto Seikyo's fist and twisted it, he twisted his own arm downwards and slammed Seikyo onto the ground with all of his might, creating a huge crater. Seikyo shouted and pushed Jaduko off of him into the air, Seikyo placed his hands on the ground behind his head and pushed off of it so he could launch himself up towards Jaduko, but he was too slow and couldn't react to Jaduko's knee, which slammed into the corrupt Saiyan's cheek.

This sent Seikyo back down into the crater below but before Jaduko could fire a ki blast down at him, Seikyo's body teleported out of view. Sensing energy behind him, Jaduko quickly shifted his head towards the right and blocked a punch with his forearm, lightning sparked around Seikyo's punch. The two rapidly exchanged punches with one another, the ends of their fists clashing together and the occasional block or deflect kept the fight interesting. Even with a massive power gap between the two, Seikyo was using all of the wicked energy inside him to keep up with the fight.

Surprisingly, Seikyo managed to throw his elbow into Jaduko's cheek, sending him flying through the air towards a nearby building. But before making contact, Jaduko flipped and softly tapped his feet against it. Seikyo lowered himself onto the ground about 36 feet away and Jaduko lunged forward towards Seikyo with his fist reeled back ready to strike. Jaduko thrust his fist forward towards Seikyo's face but the corrupt Saiyan shot upwards in a green beam of light as Jaduko's fist slammed into the dirt below.

Lifting his head upwards, Jaduko quickly burst from the ground and flew after Seikyo, gritting his teeth and changing his facial expression for the first time in this rematch.

"Take this, runt!" Seikyo shouted as he thrust his palm down towards the ground at Jaduko. Jaduko's stern eyes widened as a red beam blasted in his direction with astounding speed.

However, Jaduko was faster and wouldn't fall for the same trick twice.

Rather than the beam striking him like the last time this attack worked, Jaduko quickly straightened his hand and sliced through the beam, allowing himself to continue flying upwards towards his former friend.

"W-What?!" Seikyo widened his eyes and grit his teeth in anger. Forming a fist with the same hand he used to cut the beam, Jaduko attempted to strike Seikyo in the nose but the corrupt Saiyan quickly lifted his hand to catch Jaduko's fist. Kicking the Super Saiyan 2 in the stomach, Seikyo pushed away from Jaduko and thrust both of his arms to the side, red ki formed in the middle of his forearms and shaped itself into two sharp blades.

"Running out of tricks?" Jaduko scoffed.

"Tch.." Seikyo muttered as he and Jaduko's bodies disappeared. Pockets of air rapidly exploded above Gatestown with electricity sparking and booming around those pockets each time Jaduko and Seikyo collided.

The two bodies reappeared as Jaduko's foot slid across Seikyo's cheek as if he were kicking a soccer ball, Seikyo's body rolled with Jaduko's foot with his face moving down towards the ground and his feet lifting up towards the sky. As blood spurt from Seikyo's mouth, he opened his eyes and quickly twisted away from Jaduko's kick, slashing towards the Super Saiyan 2's back. Jaduko grit his teeth in pain as the red ki blade slashed his back from his right hip to his left shoulder blade. Blood began to ooze from the wound.

Regaining himself, Seikyo slid across the air and watched Jaduko clench both of his fists.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Jaduko shouted as he looked up towards the sky, his golden aura flared around him and electricity kicked up as he lunged towards Seikyo with a quick flash of light erupting from his body.

Seikyo prepared to slash Jaduko across the face but before he could, his entire body shook as Jaduko's elbow slammed into his cheek, causing his face to nearly turn all the way around. With one eye open and his mouth open, Seikyo spit blood from his mouth and quickly recoiled by slashing his left hand towards Jaduko's cheek. Jaduko ducked and allowed the blade to slice clean over his hair. He attempted to uppercut Seikyo but the corrupt Saiyan's free forearm blocked it, causing Jaduko's arm to bounce back downwards.

Seikyo's foot lifted up in an attempt to kick Jaduko's face, but Jaduko quickly twisted backwards and thrust his own foot upwards towards Seikyo, who was striked in the cheek. Propelling himself upwards, Jaduko attempted to karate chop Seikyo's cheek but a ki blade quickly shot upwards forcing Jaduko to spin around and kick Seikyo away.

Rushing forward once more with the same speed as earlier, Jaduko managed to grab onto both of Seikyo's forearms just beneath the ki blades. Electricty began to spark around the blades.

The two grit their teeth and glared into each other's eyes as their arms shook. Seikyo could feel himself getting weaker, but Jaduko was getting stronger.

"Let go!" Seikyo shouted, the two began to shout together as their golden and green auras collided back and forth. Within a few seconds, Seikyo's red ki blades shattered like glass from Jaduko's sheer energy.

With his energy diminished for a slight second, Jaduko was vulnerable and thus, Seikyo quickly threw a headbutt towards him. Wincing from the pain, Jaduko rapidly fell back towards the ground below but luckily, he managed to catch himself before slamming into a rooftop. Flipping and landing on one knee, Jaduko lifted his vision back towards Seikyo who was slightly chuckling.

"Losing a bit of power, eh?" Seikyo taunted, even though he too was losing quite a bit of energy.

Jaduko rose an eyebrow and looked at both of his hands, the electricity was gone.

'No!' Jaduko shouted in his mind as his hands shook. Sure, Super Saiyan 2 was a new transformation to him and he wasn't used to it, but he couldn't have lost the power all together, could he?

Clenching his fists as his arms trembled, Jaduko could still feel some energy of the Super Saiyan 2 form within him. There was no way he could beat Seikyo, even at his current state, with the simple Super Saiyan form, he just needed to tap back into Super Saiyan 2!

Getting to his feet as Seikyo slowly hovered down towards Jaduko, the Super Saiyan closed his eyes and shouted at the top of his lungs to the skies, his shouts turned into a deep monstrous roar that echoed throughout the entire mountain range around Gatestown causing Seikyo to freeze in place. Jaduko's golden aura flared and electricity began to spark once more as dust around Jaduko's feet quickly picked up into the air.

With a sudden flash of light, Jaduko burst from his position into the sky towards Seikyo, his aura was even hotter, the electricity around him was sparking bigger than before, and his hair was back in it's Super Saiyan 2 state. He managed to tap into his new power yet again!

'Impossible!' Seikyo widened his eyes as Jaduko's deadly glare drew closer, the Super Saiyan 2's teeth were clenched tighter than ever before.

Jaduko slammed his fist downwards onto Seikyo's forearm causing Seikyo to lean down a bit and wince in pain. With Jaduko aiming downwards, Seikyo slammed his knee upwards but it was caught by Jaduko's palm, who threw his knee back downwards. Jaduko thrust his elbow towards Seikyo's face but he used his right arm to catch the tip of his elbow the two aura's flared up and the two Saiyans rapidly fired upwards into the sky as their bodies bounced around and smacked into each other like pinballs bouncing around a pinball machine.

The two flew past each other to gain momentum and rapidly dashed towards one another, they threw their fists into each other's cheeks as air, electricity, and their auras exploded around each other. The two Saiyans froze midair with their fists planted in each other's cheeks. Jaduko winced as Seikyo's eyes widened, he could feel his wicked energy rapidly draining even though he was just floating in the air.

There was no winning this fight against Jaduko. But Seikyo still attempted to use one final attack. Kicking off of Jaduko's hip, Seikyo hovered backwards in the air as Jaduko sliced in the air in front of him, sending a blue horizontal ki blast towards Seikyo. Cutting through the beam with his left hand, Seikyo quickly thrust his right fist towards Jaduko, his index finger, middle finger, and thumb pointed towards Jaduko while his ring finger and pinky still clenched like a regular fist.

"WICKED PIERCE!" Seikyo shouted as a green and red beam fired from his three fingers, circling around each other with a sharp tip towards the end. Jaduko straightened his body and realized how large the attack was, it was only about the size of a human arm. So with not much effort, Jaduko simply twisted his torso so the beam shot centimeters in front of his chest.

'D-Damn it...' Seikyo thought as he lowered his arm. 'That was probably one of my fastest and deadliest new attacks from this wicked power-up... but I'm too weak to put up a fight anymore..' Seikyo was upset, he thought this power-up would be enough to defeat Jaduko. But he could feel more and more of his energy draining by the second.

"I might've been a goner if I didn't tap back into this power as quick as I did." Jaduko looked down at his fist then up towards Seikyo. "You don't look so hot like you did at the start of this fight. Lose your tempo?"

"Tch.." Seikyo muttered. With the wicked energy fading in his body, he was feeling less and less distraught at losing this fight for some reason. He could feel his heart lighten up, was the wicked energy wearing off and he was reverting back to his regular self?

"Hm?" Jaduko could tell something was off about Seikyo, he could feel two energies conflicting with each other within his body.

'I thought this energy was permanent...' Seikyo thought to himself.

'It was sssssupposssssed to be... but you couldn't handle it...' The dark wicked voice from within Seikyo began to speak, it was the same wicked voice that he heard within the Wicked Dragon Balls when he first used them.

'I-I'm not a wicked person... I just wanted power...' Seikyo muttered back to the voice as his body silent began to tremble in front of Jaduko.

"You alright?" Jaduko questioned, placing his fists on his hips.

'Thisssss power, you don't desssserve to have it, if your heart isssss not in the right placcccee...' The wicked voice snapped back. 'You're lossssing it becausssee you didn't earn it...'

'What are... you doing...?' Seikyo's voice began to weaken as the wicked energy began to rise again.

'I sssshouldn't have trussssted ssssomeone assss weak assss you to free me!' The voice barked, the wicked energy within Seikyo's body began to take full control of his actions, Seikyo's arm lifted up and pointed at Jaduko with a red light forming at his palm.

"Where'd that energy come from?!" Jaduko widened his eyes, he could feel immense power boiling from that tiny ki blast within Seikyo's palm.

Without saying anything, Seikyo's body unnaturally twisted around to face the yellow beam that was pulsating through the sky on the horizon. Central City was about 300 miles away from Gatestown, but the beam was large enough to spot even from this far.

"W-What are you doing?!" Jaduko shouted.

'No.. don't!' Seikyo shouted at the wicked energy, it was all gathering in one location, the ki blast forming in his palm. The blast was growing in size and was twice the size of a basektball at this point.

'You've fulfilled your purposssssse. Even though you failed me, you are no longer needed...' The sinister voice seemed to be travelling away through Seikyo's body towards the blast. Jaduko noticed Seikyo's green aura revert back into it's golden color, then to his regular red color. Seikyo's blonde hair reverted black to it's coal black color and Seikyo's eyes reverted back to grey as the black in his sclera began to drain away, revealing the white once again.

Jaduko could feel Seikyo's energy reverting to normal, he didn't want to interfere and possibly traumatize his former friend's body, but this energy had to be stopped somehow. The green veins on Seikyo's body began to drain away towards his arm until the blast was about the size of an air balloon in front of the two Saiyans.

Once the green veins disappeared on Seikyo's skin, the enormous red ki blast rapidly fired in the direction of the yellow beam in Central City. Whoever was behind Seikyo's wicked energy, was now attempting to foil the Netherworld Portal clear across the world.

"NO!" Jaduko roared, Seikyo slowly closed his eyes and dropped from the sky as Jaduko burst from his position after the red beam.

With a loud slam, Seikyo landed on top of the rooftop below his position with his body pointing towards the sky, leaving Jaduko alone to stop the wicked blast from eradicating an entire city, and potentially everything within 50 miles of that city.

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VOL 14: Chapter 133 - "The Last Resort"
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