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 VOL 1: Chapter 3 - "Dream Turned Nightmare"

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VOL 1: Chapter 3 - "Dream Turned Nightmare" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 3 - "Dream Turned Nightmare"   VOL 1: Chapter 3 - "Dream Turned Nightmare" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2015 8:02 pm

Jaduko, who was in the middle of a deep sleep, swung his fist to the right and slammed his fist into his bedroom wall, creating a small crack. The 4 year old then started punching in his sleep, as if he was attacking something. His eyes remained closed as he punched and kicked the air, ripping out the covers of his bed. A smile was spread across his face. The little boy was having a nice dream it seemed.

'Hyagh!' A high pitched voice screamed out. Jaduko thrust his head to the side and saw a green skinned female thrusting a kick towards his face. He dodged to the side and grabbed her ankle, swinging her around and throwing her into a blue skinned male. The two creatures smacked together and flew into the side of a tree trunk, completely destroying the tree.

Jaduko stood upright and snickered, scratching his nose. 'You two are so weak!' The little kid shouted with a smile on his face. He heard laughing behind him and saw an army of hundreds of creatures, consisting of hundreds of different colors. Jaduko continued to smile as he held his hands to his sides. 'This is gonna be fun! Kame.. kameeeee..' A blue orb appeared in his hands.

BOOM! Jaduko immediately woke up from his dream to the sound of thunder. His arms and legs went limp as they fell back onto the bed.

"Awww man." He said out loud as he blinked and looked up at the ceiling. "It was all a dream? I felt like it was just getting good." Jaduko rubbed his eyes as he sat up and rolled off of his bed. Looking at his clock, it was still fairly early in the morning, he decided to go and find Rukiro.

Exiting his room, Jaduko noticed the front door to the house open as the wind pushed the rain into the hallway, soaking the floor. Nervously, Jaduko started walking towards Rukiro's room and noticed he wasn't in bed. Then, rushed to the living room and noticed he wasn't asleep on the chair or the couch. Frantically searching the house, Jaduko found no trace of Rukiro, and decided that he needed to head out into the wilderness to find him. Running to his room, he slipped on his black boots and put on his black t-shirt, slipping on his orange gi over it. The young boy tightened the black dogi around his waist as he hovered into the sky and flew off towards the trees.

Minutes turned to hours as Jaduko searched frantically through the forests, not finding a single trace of Rukiro. Slowly dropping to the ground, he landed next to a rock and started to tear up, thinking someone took his brother away and he would never get him back. Stifling his tears, Jaduko heard an explosion in the distance, and he decided to check it out. The young boy ran through the trees, dodging the tree branches and hopping over rocks, until he eventually found a wide opening into a small valley in a passage of hidden rocks.

Looking down into the valley, Jaduko saw three craters as if something had crashed into the ground. Looking around to see if anything could have created the craters, he saw four figures scattered across the ground. Two of which were standing side by side, while the other two were further away, engaged in combat.

Wiping the tears away to clear his vision, Jaduko saw that one of the figures was Rukiro, who slid across the ground and dropped to one knee on the muddy ground. The young boy's frown turned upside down as he found his lost brother. However, his smile grew even larger when he noticed who Rukiro was fighting. He remembered his mother and father's old Saiyan armor kept in storage at his and Rukiro's house, the remaining three figures were wearing similar armor and had scouters just like the ones Rukiro described in his stories.

"They're still alive!" Jaduko said out loud. "The Saiyans are back!"

Continue Onto Chapter 4:
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VOL 1: Chapter 3 - "Dream Turned Nightmare"
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