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 Movie 3: Demon of Destruction *WRITING*

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: Movie 3: Demon of Destruction *WRITING*   Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:30 am

TIME PLACEMENT: 90 years after 'Movie 2: The Emperor's Entrance' and 4 - 5 years before Chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Universe 93

Act 1:
In Age 814 Shishito and his group of friends had made it to planet Earth, a planet in the northern portion of the galaxy. Earth would become their new home as it was quite peaceful when compared to Namek and Kuristrak, but would that peace have lasted for long..?

Upon arriving on Earth, Shishito was ashamed with himself for causing the death of Emperor Zero and for losing a close friend, Violouh. His Saiyan Pride was lost and he figured it was time to rename himself in honor of the Earthlings, who willingly accepted him, Yokaro, Retasu, and Papara as their own. Shishito renamed himself Shinzai (we'll refer to Shishito as Shinzai for the rest of this movie since that's his Earth name) so he could no longer be tied to any of his Saiyan heritage, however the other three Saiyans did not rename themselves.

Shinzai and Yokaro decided to adopt a last name as it was common for residents of Earth to have a last name, their last name would become "Masurao". Retasu and Papara also decided to come up with a last name with a similar style as Shinzai and Yokaro's. Their last name would become "Mouretsu". From that point on, the two families would live on Planet Earth in harmony as inhabitants of Planet Earth.

In Age 816, Shinzai and Yokaro had their first son. Not wanting him to be tied to any of his Saiyan heritage, Shinzai named the boy Rukiro Masurao. The young baby had black spiky hair that extended off to the side of his head, his hair wasn't as sharp as Shinzai's spikes but it didn't extend as far as Yokaro's, the spikes were perfectly rounded. Around the time of Rukiro's birth, Shinzai would become close friends with an Earthling named Krillin, who had recently become the master of a martial arts school known as the 'Turtle School'. Krillin would teach Shinzai, Yokaro, Retasu, and Papara the ways of martial arts considering they had no formal training in combat. The Saiyans would become close friends with the Krillin, his wife 18, their daughter Marron, and the Turtle School for years to come. Once Rukiro was old enough to walk, Shinzai would teach him the ways of martial arts similar to how Krillin had taught him.

We fast forward to the present, where the year is now Age 829, 13 years have passed since Rukiro's birth and 15 years have passed since the timewarp that thrust Shinzai and his family forward in time. A young 17 year old boy named Klio had recently joined the Turtle School with a 3 year old toddler in his care, the toddler's name was Konno. The two of them had joined the Turtle School after leaving the Crane School, but that's a story for another day..

The Locket of Nether was still in the possession of Retasu and Papara Mouretsu after Retasu picked it up from Emperor Zero's castle several years back. Retasu gave the Locket to Krillin to see if Krillin knew anything about the Locket, but the old Turtle Hermit sadly did not know what the Locket's secret was. Both Shinzai and Retasu were fine with not knowing what the Locket was capable of, all that mattered was that they had finally found a home to call their own. But would the peace remain unscathed for long..?

Act 2:
Lord Shadow and Lord Mustafa raid Kuristrak, retrieve Reybuu's ball from Nunber. Deliver the ball to Morge and Morge sends Reybuu off to get the Locket of Nether from Shishito.

Act 3:
The actual fight. The Watcher's Timewatch Crystal allows Shishito to see Jaduko and his friends from chapter 86 - 90

Act 4:
Aftermath, someone retrieves the Locket for Morge. Yokaro dies after giving birth to Jaduko and Papara gives birth to Taisuka as soon as Retasu dies from his wounds. Papara can't handle being the only Saiyan left on the planet, leaves Taisuka with the turtle school, and leaves the planet.

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Movie 3: Demon of Destruction *WRITING*
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