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 VOL 7: Chapter 70 - "Jaduko Awakens - The Super Saiyan Unleashed!"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 7: Chapter 70 - "Jaduko Awakens - The Super Saiyan Unleashed!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 70 - "Jaduko Awakens - The Super Saiyan Unleashed!"   VOL 7: Chapter 70 - "Jaduko Awakens - The Super Saiyan Unleashed!" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 9:30 pm

"Now that poor little Seiyogi has been put down for good, I believe my business on this planet has reached it's end." Zerox turned around and looked at the crowd of aliens, who watched their once fearsome protector, die on the ground with holes in his entire body, a man who fought to the end trying to protect his sister. Taisuka held onto an unconscious Kyuti as he and Violouh hovered in the air, watching the event unfold, both of them in shock.

'It... It is a good thing Kyuti's not awake to witness her sibling's life stripped from him in such a horrific manner...' Violouh thought to himself, gritting his teeth as he stared down at the evil tyrant. 'She would have acted in a fit of rage and would no doubt have turned herself into Zerox's next victim...'

"As I stated before I was rudely interrupted by Seiyogi trying to communicate with the living, you all will move and let me leave towards my ship, or I will make you move." Zerox threatened the aliens, each of them trembled in fear with sweat dripping from their skin. None of them moved out of Zerox's way. Instead, they stood tall and straightened their backs in confidence, creating a barricade so Zerox couldn't get through.

"We will not listen to you anymore!" One of the aliens shouted, the aliens roared in agreement.

"These Earthlings have devoted their time and effort to setting us free, they have fought for us, they have died for us!" Another alien shouted.

"We will stand and not let you pass. Standing tall and confident, we will oppose you like our protectors have! You're not leaving this planet!" A third alien shouted, the alien crowd went wild in agreement as Jaduko widened his eyes, he was still kneeling down beside Seiyogi's lifeless body. He and his friends had truly inspired these aliens to fight for their freedom.

The crowd went silent when they noticed Zerox slowly lifted his arm up into the air, pointing a finger at the alien who spoke out first. Jaduko grit his teeth, watching a grey light start to pulsate at the end of the tyrant's finger.

"Don't... you... dare!" Jaduko shouted. Zerox didn't turn around, the light grew brighter as the aliens confidently stood still, fear in their eyes.

"Then you will ALL be moved..." Zerox muttered, his voice was low as if he was becoming impatient and angered at the situation. It was then that Zerox fired the first shot into the crowd, killing the alien who first opposed him. It was this beam that would change the tide of the battle, it was this beam that would change the tide of the future and it was the last mistake Zerox would ever make in his life..

Jaduko's eyes widened as he watched blood explode from the crowd, aliens dropping left and right as Zerox rapidly fired beams into the crowd. Screams echoed throughout the sky, Taisuka and Violouh widened their eyes in horror, shock, and anger as they were helpless to defend the aliens from Zerox's massacre. The veins on Jaduko's skin bulged from his skin.

"Zerox, STOP!" Jaduko shouted, the tyrant in front of him simply laughed as he ignored the Saiyan and continued to steal the life from these innocent aliens... these... innocent people..

"STOP IT NOW!" He continued to shout, but his eyes widened. Watching these aliens drop the ground, one by one, sparked something in Jaduko's body, his mind wandered off on it's own path..

Jaduko grit his teeth, a scene all too familiar flashed in his mind. He remembered himself floating in the air back on Earth, staring down at Yamu, Seiyogi and Kyuti's older brother. The battle they had was intense, and it seemed to be the end for him as he watched the Saiyan fire a beam up towards him. The beam was aiming for his heart. Jaduko remembered himself being pushed out of the way only to quickly turn around and see Klio in his place, a beam passing through his heart. Blood spurting from the wound and the Earthling plummet to the ground when it was supposed to be Jaduko who took the shot. Klio risked his life to protect him.... Continuing to watch Zerox's massacre, Jaduko's blue aura flared around his body, slowly pulsating as the color slowly transitioned from blue, to yellow, and back to blue.

The image of the deceased Klio slowly faded in Jaduko's mind and he could see a muscular alien holding onto the dead bodies of his friends when he first arrived on the battlefield to confront Zerox. Lizz's bloodied body resting in the alien's left arm, little did Jaduko know that she had died to protect Taisuka. He could then see Lori's body in the alien's right arm, her body was burnt and bloody.. Jaduko knew he shouldn't have hid away from his friends in order to train, he couldn't even handle Zerox on his own... He knew that he could have saved his friends if he was only there to save them... Jaduko's hair started to flutter through the wind spinning around him, aliens continued to drop as Jaduko's dark brunette hair slowly started to glow, the color changing from brown to a bright golden, and then back to it's brown color.

With his memory fading once again, Jaduko could now see Kyuti slowly running into the battlefield as he and Seiyogi fought against Zerox, Jaduko's eyes widened as he watched her body slowly be engulfed in the beam that was meant to kill Seiyogi. He then remembered Kyuti's body falling to the ground, Jaduko had inspired her over the course of their time together, she had began to realize she wasn't a younger sister to Seiyogi, so she did what she could to save him. Luckily, she survived, but Jaduko couldn't shake the fact that he had influenced her to risk her life... Then it happened, the scene changed once more as Jaduko saw the beam striking through Konno's chest... the life draining from his best friend's face as he slowly slumped to the ground, just because he gave Jaduko a Senzu Bean. Images flashed through Jaduko's head as he relived memories of he and Konno training together on Kame Island, fighting one another over the years, and slowly learning to respect each other after all of their adventures.. but now Konno was dead because of Jaduko, just like everyone else... Jaduko's eyes began to transition from blue to cyan once more, but this time, instead of transitioning back to blue, Jaduko's eyes remained a solid cyan color as he grit his teeth in anger. The wind rapidly whipped around his body, his aura continued to pulsate.

Then, the most recent and freshest scene replayed in Jaduko's mind, he could see Zerox firing beams into Seiyogi's body, blood spurting from the Saiyan's wounds as he tried to fight for his life but simply couldn't. It was Seiyogi who had called out for help towards Jaduko and his friends, for his people. But Jaduko remembered the conversation he had with Seiyogi in the Saiyan's final moments, how he didn't want to help the Saiyans with their war anymore, he simply wanted to keep his friends alive. The adventures he and Kyuti had with Jaduko and his friends on Planet Xerivon had bonded the group together, and now it was slowly unraveling... Jaduko promised Seiyogi many things over the course of the two knowing each other, and he wouldn't fail his friend.. Jaduko began to heavily breathe as power began to erupt inside his body, he grit his teeth even harder and let out painful noises as if he was trying to fight the urge to scream in rage.

Finally, the most painful memory to ever haunt Jaduko replayed in his mind, the reason for him starting his journey in the first place, the reason for him meeting all of his friends at all.. Jaduko remembered the night Rukiro died, he remembered watching Letish's hand slowly puncture Rukiro's stomach, cleanly ripping through his brother as if he were a piece of paper. Rukiro's life slowly draining as blood trickled out of the wound as his life ended with a simple blast into the eyes. It was too much, Jaduko couldn't relive the memory of his greatest failure, the man who raised and loved him dying in front of his eyes and he was too weak to do anything. He couldn't let this happen anymore, especially not to all of his friends.

Jaduko could feel it slipping, the anger building up inside him after all of these years was screaming to get out... Now was the time... Now was the time for Jaduko to let his anger pour out into the night, he had to save the aliens in front of him even if it cost him his life. They all had families just like Jaduko, they were willing to fight to live... Jaduko was willing to do the same. It was time to fight back, he was sick of the killing.

"I.. said.. STOP... NOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!" Jaduko screamed, his hair rapidly shot towards the sky as light exploded around him, his hair turned into a bright golden color and the rocks around his body began to crack and crumble. Zerox turned around and lowered his hand in fear as Jaduko's words slowly turned into a roar of anger and power pouring from the Saiyan's body, the roar echoed throughout the planet. His aura was now a bright yellow, shooting up into the sky like a pillar of flame.

Taisuka and Violouh dropped their jaws as they felt Jaduko's power skyrocket, higher than ever before, in fact, it was the highest power they had ever felt.

Jaduko's scream slowly stopped, tears streamed down his face as he closed his eyes and peered forward at Zerox. Standing up from Seiyogi's body, Jaduko opened his eyes and Zerox could see the bright cyan pupils staring into his soul like bloody daggers.

"W-W-What?!" Zerox shouted in surprise and fear.

'That hair...' Violouh thought to himself, his body trembled as he stared at Jaduko's hair. The Saiyan's hair was spiked up toward the sky, slowly fluttering from the power emitting from his body. 'I.. I remember that hair!'

"What's gotten into you, Son of Shishito?!" Zerox shouted, the aliens he once were shooting down stopped running around in fear, instead they watched in amazement as Jaduko lunged from his position with incredible speed, almost as if he had teleported in front of Zerox. The Saiyan clenched a fist and thrust it into Zerox's cheek, punching him through the air and sending him skidding across the ground, away from the aliens. Jaduko unclenched his fist and stared down at Zerox.

Zerox struggled to get to his feet, gritting his teeth and lifting his hand to his cheek. He glared at Jaduko and the two exchanged glares with each other.

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VOL 7: Chapter 70 - "Jaduko Awakens - The Super Saiyan Unleashed!"
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