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 VOL 13: Chapter 131 - "Urgency - Jaduko Goes Beyond Super Saiyan!"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 13: Chapter 131 - "Urgency - Jaduko Goes Beyond Super Saiyan!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 131 - "Urgency - Jaduko Goes Beyond Super Saiyan!"   VOL 13: Chapter 131 - "Urgency - Jaduko Goes Beyond Super Saiyan!" I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2018 3:22 pm

Feeling around in the Senzu Bean bag, Jaduko could feel about three beans in the bag, Korin didn't give him too many but Jaduko couldn't blame him, no one was expecting any of this to happen. Quickly pulling a bean out of the bag, Jaduko struggled to lift it up to his mouth as the wind brushed past his face and roared in his ears. He finally managed to put the bean in his mouth and upon chewing it, Jaduko could feel his energy come back. Swallowing the bean, Jaduko's body surged with power and the cuts on his arm were completely healed.

With his golden aura flaring around him, Jaduko caught himself inches before he splashed in the bloody lake below him, he roared in power and immediately burst off into the sky after Seikyo. The corrupted Saiyan hadn't gotten too far and Jaduko could see a small green spec in the distance signalling him to Seikyo's position.

Jaduko's body fizzed in and out of view as he picked up speed, Seikyo was heading towards Gatestown, which was significantly more populated than Tortello Town and still had towering skyscrapers along with plenty of homes and families there. Jaduko grit his teeth as he rushed after Seikyo.

"Mommy, what's that?" A little boy tugged at his mother's skirt down on the streets of Gatestown, the mother of the boy was carrying several shopping bags and looked up towards the sky where the boy was pointing. She saw a hovering green flame floating in the air above the town.

"I'm not sure honey, let's keep walking, we've got to get home to your father before the sky turns completely dark." The mother replied as she motioned her son to move along with her. If she would have stayed still just a second longer, she would have seen Seikyo lift his arm up to the sky and begin to form a gigantic red orb.

"Oh no you don't!" Jaduko shouted as he slammed his shoulder into the back of Seikyo causing the red orb to disappear. Seikyo jolted forward and flipped downwards towards a nearby skyscraper, he landed on the roof and looked up at Jaduko just as the Super Saiyan slammed both of his fists on top of his head.

"Urk!" Seikyo muttered as the skyscraper below him slightly cracked due to the power from Jaduko's fists. He grit his teeth and fell onto his back, wrapping his legs around Jaduko's, he threw his former friend off of the skyscraper and down into the town below.

Struggling to fight back, Jaduko slammed into building after building, shards of glass fell from the buildings onto the street below and he could begin to hear chatter down in the streets as people began noticing what was happening up above.

"How'd your arm get fixed so quickly?!" Seikyo shouted as he thrust Jaduko through an office building. Rushing inside, people began to scream as they stumbled around the room trying to dodge Jaduko and Seikyo, who began exchanging punches and kicks until they flew out of the opposing window from the one they entered. Seikyo noticed the Senzu Bean bag attached to Jaduko's belt and grit his teeth as the two began to fall to the streets below.

"Heh.. my arm's still a bit numb and this blood is probably gonna stain my clothes, but I couldn't let you harm anyone else, not these people!" Jaduko shouted as he used his bloody arm to punch Seikyo in the face with enough force that the windows of the office building they were falling down next to completely shattered.

"You're always so persistent and it pisses me off." Seikyo muttered as he grabbed onto Jaduko's bloody arm and began to swing the Super Saiyan in a circle. Before the two hit the ground, Seikyo quickly flung Jaduko across the street into a couple of light posts and floating cars that were trying to drive away from the action. One of the cars exploded and Jaduko went flying further into the town, he landed on the steps of a monument in the heart of the town and trembled as he got to his feet.

"I-I prom..ised Kyuti..." Jaduko muttered as his body began to bleed heavily, the monument he was using to get up was the mayor of Gatestown who was idolized by the people who lived there. In the background, Jaduko's hearing was fuzzy but he could make out screams of innocent people until they finally stopped.

"I'll commend you for attempting to beat me like so many times before." Seikyo taunted behind Jaduko, he was standing in the street looking up at the monument of the Gatestown Mayor where Jaduko finally got to his feet. Jaduko slowly turned around and looked around, people weren't dead like he had assumed, but they were all frozen in place in fear, they were staring at Seikyo. Some of them looked disgusted by his green veins and others were horrified by his coal black and dark green eyes.

"As long... as you are... the way you are... n-now.." Jaduko muttered as he walked down the steps of the monument towards Seikyo until he was a few feet in front of him, both of them on ground level. "I-I'll never stop fighting.." He shouted and lunged forward to deliver a weak punch towards Seikyo but all the corrupted Saiyan had to do was step to the right and avoid the punch. He stepped backwards and dodged another one of Jaduko's punches and another, he even ducked under a slowly timed kick.

Eventually he had enough and Seikyo placed his hand on Jaduko's tattered black shirt, he fired a small Kiai wave and pushed Jaduko back onto the monument stairs. The Super Saiyan fell on his butt and slowly got back to his feet as people in the crowd watched him.

"Pity because usually I have fun when fighting you, but it seems like you've been slacking and can't handle anymore of my punishment. Who would have thought a car explosion would be able to hurt you." Seikyo placed his fists on his hips. "Go ahead, eat a Senzu Bean."

"Tch..." Jaduko muttered as he glared at Seikyo with one eye closed. He slowly reached down to his belt and took out a Senzu Bean. As he lifted it up into his mouth he was shocked when Seikyo pointed his finger at the bag on his belt and fired a beam at it. The bag fell off of Jaduko's belt and onto the ground at his feet, the remaining beans inside were burnt to a crisp.

"You won't be needing the rest of those." Seikyo blankly stated as he watched Jaduko slowly chew and swallow the last Senzu Bean. Within an instant, Jaduko's body tensed up and he regained full strength but before he could lunge towards Seikyo and attack, the corrupted Saiyan lifted a finger and halted the battle.

"W-What are you doing?" Jaduko questioned.

"I just got to thinking..." Seikyo began to slightly chuckle. "You're not at your strongest right now Jaduko, I'm fighting you with a power far beyond your comprehension and yet you're still holding back."

"I could say the same to you." Jaduko retorted, he knew Seikyo was fighting the corrupt energy within him. But maybe he actually wasn't? Maybe he was just toying with him.

"You of all people should know I don't like when my opponents hold back." Seikyo threatened. "Seeing all of these people around me and how much you're struggling to fight my newfound power makes me feel like you still see some friendship within me... So that's got me thinking about how strong you get when fighting someone who is a legitimate threat, especially when you're mad.."

Jaduko widened his eyes and quickly gazed around at all of the people standing around the streets there were old people, men, women, children, they were all innocent families who were sitting here in fear. They weren't wanting their final day to be this day, as it was just any other day.

"Seikyo, our fight was meant to stay at Chazke Village. If you're planning on doing what I think you're doing, don't." Jaduko's heart began to pump as Seikyo smirked. "These people are innocent... our battle isn't meant to be theirs.."

"It isn't their battle." Seikyo agreed and pointed his hands down at the ground below him. "But they were caught in the crossfire."

"Seikyo, NO!" Jaduko shouted in anger as red orbs slowly dropped towards the ground at Seikyo's feet until they softly touched the pavement. Within an instant, a massive explosion rang out in Jaduko's ears and his vision began to blur from the amount of destruction that overcame the town. Jaduko could see the faces of the innocent families around him let out screams of terror as the entire town went up in flames.

Within a matter of seconds Gatestown was turned into a fiery inferno that pillared into the sky. Seikyo didn't fire a strong enough attack to harm him or Jaduko, but it was way too much for an ordinary person to handle. Jaduko lifted his hands up and crossed them in front of his face as flames, wind, and pain jolted through his body.

'That bastard!' Jaduko tried to think to himself despite the sound of screaming and the burning sensation smashing into his body was causing it hard to do anything. 'He did this on purpose, because of me! These innocent people had to die because our fight got too out of hand!'

Jaduko heard Seikyo laugh maniacally as flames roared towards the sky around the two of them. The innocent people in the streets were all burnt alive and turned to nothing but a memory, the buildings of the town began to crumble and crash towards the ground as cars began to explode along with electricity circulating around the entire town.

With the attack coming to a halt, Jaduko lowered his arms and widened his eyes in shock at the chaos around him, he peered up in the sky towards the silhouette of his former friend. Seikyo's laugh sent chills up Jaduko's spine as it sounded demonic, there was hardly any trace of Seikyo's voice left in the laugh at all. Had this action of destroying Gatestown completely corrupt Seikyo?

'That bastard remembered the first time I became a Super Saiyan...' Jaduko thought to himself as he clenched his fists, his golden aura softly fluttering around him. 'There's no way he could have known... Zerox killed him, how could he have known about my outburst?!' Jaduko's golden aura began to flare up like the flames around him as he continued to think.

'That wicked energy has to be behind it, he said it spoke to him as if it were a person. That wicked energy somehow KNEW about the moment I transformed, it used it against me and now all of these innocent people suffered because of me!' Jaduko grit his teeth and his veins started to bulge from his skin, he stared down at the fiery ground beneath him and small chunks of concrete began to float upwards around him.

'T-This is all my fault, everything always has to be my fault!' Jaduko growled in his own thoughts. 'I shouldn't have let Seikyo run off like that, I shouldn't have been weak enough to let him strike me!' Jaduko's hair began to flutter in anger as he began to bend his neck upwards in anger, he couldn't control his anger. He began to grunt in anger as if he were trying to shout but was holding it all in his throat.

'After everything I've done for Seikyo, after everything I've sacrificed.. I risked my life to help him and this is what he does?!' Jaduko's voice was now shouting in his mind, his eyes rapidly darted back and forth around the area, he could see tiny ash piles representing the spots where all those innocent people stood. The ground beneath Jaduko began to crack and Seikyo looked down after hearing the slight sound of electricity.

'I gave him a chance to redeem himself, to become someone new on this Earth and what does he do? He spends all this time chasing after me like a child, he tries surpassing me time and time again and now it's gotten to the point where I've SEEN him take someone's life in order to obtain that power and truly show me that he's capable of beating me?!' Jaduko's hair began to spike upwards even further than it was in his Super Saiyan form, his aura began to get more ferocious as the flames around him began to swirl.

"What's this?" Seikyo rose an eyebrow as he stared down at Jaduko's trembling body.

'None of this would have happened if those Saiyans never came to Earth, none of it would have happened if I had killed Seikyo back when he was Seiyogi, none of this would have happened if I never traveled to Xerivon, and none of this would have happened if I never let him come back to Earth, to have a family, to have a home, to become something better!!!' Electricity began to spark around Jaduko's body as his hair spiked entirely upwards from power. Jaduko couldn't believe the words he was thinking, he had completely been blinded by rage and never would have wished death upon anyone. He is entirely thankful for meeting Kyuti and starting his own family, but the idea that Seikyo is trying to destroy it all over a childish sense of pride and redemption utterly pissed Jaduko off.


Jaduko couldn't contain it any longer, he lifted his hands up to the sky and rapidly pulled them back down towards the Earth, he let out a mighty roar that dispersed all of the flames around him. Seikyo lifted his arm to block the fire shooting up at him but he was getting pushed back by Jaduko's power as well. He widened his eyes as he saw electricity spark rapidly around Jaduko's body and his hair spike entirely upwards leaving only one single bang to hang over his forehead.

A pillar of golden light shot into the sky causing the smoke in the air to disperse. Seikyo flipped backwards and landed on the ground about 30 feet away from Jaduko and was surprised to see the majority of the flames in the entire town gone. The town was still on fire but the flames were smoldering just like when Jaduko had discovered Tortello Town.

Lifting himself off of the ground, Seikyo narrowed his eyes to see into the flames that Jaduko was walking away from and widened his eyes in shock, yet smiled and laughed at the amount of power he felt emanating from Jaduko.

Jaduko's golden hair was spiked directly upwards with the exception of one bang and his expression was more fierce than it has ever been before. He was sick and tired of everything terrible happening due to him and he was completely blinded by rage, there were no more morals in the fight, this would become a battle to the death.

Electricity steadily flowed around Jaduko's entire body with a rapid "humming" sound ringing out with each bolt of electricity. Jaduko was no longer thinking of protecting his family and friends despite him still loving them, he was slowly walking towards Seikyo with his shoulders confidently swinging back and forth. He was here to kill, just like when he first became a Super Saiyan.

Jaduko had ascended beyond a Super Saiyan, he had become something much fiercer. A Super Saiyan 2!

Continue Onto Chapter 132:
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VOL 13: Chapter 131 - "Urgency - Jaduko Goes Beyond Super Saiyan!"
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