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 VOL 2: Chapter 16 - "Turtle vs. Crane"

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PostSubject: VOL 2: Chapter 16 - "Turtle vs. Crane"   Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:11 pm

Round 2 had successfully wrapped up with Lizz advancing into the semifinals. Three other fighters would join her in the semifinals, and the winner of the two matches would fight for the championship. Night had fallen and Lizz decided it was best that she got enough rest for the matches coming up, they weren't gonna be a walk in the park.

"I hope she doesn't strain herself too much." Lori spoke through the darkness of the living room in Kame House, she took a sip of water from the cup she was holding as Klio spoke up as well.

"Of course she's strained, Jaduko would flip out on her if she lost." He shook his head and was about to continue speaking, but Lori cut him off.

"If it wasn't for Jaduko, she wouldn't be fighting at all, he's trying to get her to let go of her fears. Let him put his hope in her." She rudely replied.

Klio scoffed and he turned his neck up to look at the front door of the house. "Do you feel that?" He asked.

"Now that you mention it." Lori replied, she set her cup down on the coffee table and the two rushed to the front door, they opened it up and saw someone standing on the shore of Kame Island.

Lori and Klio were still wearing their gi's from earlier. The two rushed onto the grass to confront the mysterious intruder.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Lori questioned the intruder. Water splashed against his shoes and the two realized he was wearing a Crane School Uniform as the moonlight shined across his silhouette.

Pushing his glasses up, Jerome began talking. "Where is your friend, what was her name again? Lizz was it?"

"It's you!" Lori spoke through her teeth as she raised her fists. "I told you to keep your business to yourself!"

Klio walked in front of Lori and started threatening Jerome. "You look all too familiar to me.. Get lost, your school already lost the tournament, there's no reason you should be here." He shot a death glare at the Crane Master.

"Ah, glad to see you remember me, Turtle. You don't understand. I want to show her what happens when someone messes and disgraces the Crane School like she did today and I wanted to show the rest of you what it feels like to take something from someone else." Jerome began walking towards the front door to the house. Klio rushed forward and threw a punch at Jerome's face, who grabbed hold of the fist and twisted Klio's wrist. Klio fell to the ground and was immediately kicked away, skidding across the ground into a nearby palm tree.

The impact that Klio made against the tree caused Lizz to wake up inside of the house. She sat up and moved along her bed until she could stare out the window, where she saw Klio laying on the ground and Lori facing off with Jerome.

"Now I see why the Master didn't sign you up for the tournament, Klio!" Lori shouted. She rushed forward towards Jerome and threw a spinning kick towards his head. Jerome lifted his arm and blocked the kick with his forearm.

"Lori, get out of the way, he's dangerous!" Klio shouted as if he had seen Jerome before. "Cranes are unpredictable and dangerous!"

Lori and Jerome turned their heads to see Klio holding his hand up. In an instant, a barrage of ki blasts flew from his hand towards Jerome. Lori kicked off of Jerome's chest to get out of the line of fire.

"What are you doing, we don't shoot at regular people!" Lori shouted.

"He's not a regular person!" Klio shouted back.

With a laugh, Jerome turned towards Klio and started deflecting the ki blasts, sending them off towards the ocean and then towards the house. Lori moved towards the house and deflected the blasts, protecting the house from harm.

Jerome lifted his finger and a yellow beam shot out from it. "Dodon Ray!" He shouted, he aimed directly for Klio's head. Klio rolled out of the way and the Dodon Ray blasted a perfect hole through the palm tree he was resting against.

Distracted from the Dodon Ray, Jerome was vulnerable, allowing Lori to rush in and deliver a massive blow to the neck. Surprised, Jerome twisted and threw his leg up, smacking it into Lori's chest and sending her flying into the ocean water.

Klio flew forward and threw his fist at Jerome's forehead, making a direct impact. "No one messes with the Turtle School, we're not letting you do anything dirty to Lizz to try and throw the tournament!" Jerome went flying off towards the ocean water, where Lori lifted herself out of the waves and grabbed onto his leg. She spun him around and threw him back towards Klio.

"He's right you know, Lizz is our friend, and you aren't!" Lori chimed in.

Klio smiled over at Lori, who returned the glance. "I'd recommend you leave nicely before I call out my pal, Konno."

"Ah, I remember that name, that must mean you're..." Jerome snickered, he watched as the two students rushed towards him before he could finish his sentence.

Jerome didn't do anything to counter attack. Klio threw his fists down onto Jerome's head, slamming the old man down into the sandy shore of Kame Island, knocking him out. Silence struck the island as Lizz continued to watch from her window. She had a blank expression drawn on her face as she watched Lori and Klio stand over the man who had come to kill her.

"I'll take him back to the Crane School and talk with the authorities so he can get disqualified from the tournament." Klio muttered. "Head inside and make sure Lizz is still asleep, we don't need this to distract her from tomorrow."

Lori nodded and spoke up as Klio hovered into the air "Hey." He stated to get his attention, Klio turned around to face her. "Don't let it cloud your mind.. that he remembered Konno" Klio sighed and nodded back in reassurance, and with that he flew off.

Lori rushed into the house and ran into Lizz's bedroom, flicking the light on. Lizz was fast asleep. Taking a sigh of relief, Lizz shut the light off and closed the door. Lizz opened her eyes and a small tear ran down her face. She knew she had to win the tournament for sure, for her friends.

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VOL 2: Chapter 16 - "Turtle vs. Crane"
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